Speaking out Against Rape
Aug 1, 2014

It’s mind-boggling to see a country high with stats when it comes to... of all things... RAPE. I mean, I can see culture related statistics or health or even employment for that matter. But rape?!?! It’s like saying, this country is THE MOST unsafe place on earth for women and children. Sorry guys, I’m not being biased here neither am I speaking from years of research. Just by what you see, hear and sometimes even feel around you. 

At a time when I visited India (when I was 15), I thought the nastiness of some men and the inability to contain their ‘urge’, was at its peak. But after a fairly long stay there and re-locating to New Zealand, I can NOT begin to fathom the state of affairs that prevails there right now. Gets my blood boiling, frustrated that while I was there, I didn’t do enough. I always reacted with a physical bashing of men when they so much as even breathed over me. Not because I think of myself as being prissy. No Sire! I have a personal space that only some are allowed to step into. And there is no way in Satan’s hell am I going to let you get away with thinking that you can grab, fondle or even brush against me and go scot-free!!! I’m not an ‘all you can eat buffet’! Hell, even commodities in a window shopping area are safer even though they ARE meant for public display.

Being a doctor and a psychologist, it gets me thinking really. All these mental disorders that keep being coined according to the American Psychological Association (APA), what goes on through these unbalanced, crippled with sexual desire to the point of having to even kill, mental behaviour – tugs at my curious nerve. I mean, can we rightly term these men as sexual addicts?

An addict can’t help it, yes. But to commit such a heinous crime maybe once in your life, what must really go through your mind to act on such a need. A need that cannot be euphemised by any dictionary for want of being subtle. Just when i think about how, a particular individual, can go to such lengths to deface a human life – the matter begs a very pertinent question … What about those who function in gangs?! You’d think that in a group of 3,4 or even 5 men – one of them (if not more) would have a conscience? One of them would stop the insanity that they see and say, “hey look ! leching, ogling and teasing is one thing – this, this is not right!” One of them would wake up from their drunken reverie even to realise THIS.IS.ABSOLUTELY.UNACCEPTABLE. Just one … ?!

How are these men different from terrorists? Those being brainwashed to kill a certain sect of humanity for a better (?) place, as opposed to these men who do it for a personal craving of torrential heights  - leaving the victim literally dead or a living zombie for the rest of their time here on earth, scarred and forced to lose trust in humanity.

Well, I haven’t even begun to explain the real reason for choosing this subject to write on. My reason? That section of the society, who in their oxygen deprived shriveled excuse of a carcass brain, hold the victims of rape responsible. Can you believe it?!?! And the worst befuddling part is, this isn’t just confined to a particular gender, race, age group or even class of people. Women yelling on rooftops that “X wore a skimpy skirt so she was secretly asking for it!” – “Why does she roam at nights with a guy, friends or even alone? Is she a prostitute? They must’ve thought she’s a whore and so raped her!”

REALLY?!?! So you mean if a sexual worker walked home at night by herself – she CAN be raped given her background?! How do these retards even breathe and not get arrested for their vile remarks?! Oh yeah that’s right, the laws are only meant for humans to not kill animals and well, the courts are busy with eons long disputes on what shall the current state be renamed to. Surely with being the second largest populated country in the world, you can make do with a few hundred thousands being raped and killed every day. No one really cares about the fact that the gender ratio is already dwindling given female infanticide and dowry drama. But yeah, anything for the country. Right?!

Oh and not to mention, the moral policing – but that is a topic for another I-want-to-vent-so-I-shall-write day.

DISCLAIMER: I love India, my opinions here solely describe the rapists and not Indians in general. I’m of the belief that the act of an (or many) individual/s, does not tarnish the nation as a whole. Sadly though, detaching the reputation of such a beautiful country from such a nefarious crime is easier said than done.