In Love...
August 8, 2014

In Love...

This is a story so eternal now 
When a boy and a girl lived in love
They meet in a garden, they sit on a bench
Says the Welshman to his wench,

“In love, I am with you I feel
In love, your wounds I’ll have to heal
And if with me that you are fine
I kneel and ask, ‘would you be mine?’

“When you’re near I have no fear
And oh my dear you wipe my tear”
Thus said the girl to her boy
With serious eyes of truth and joy

This went on for days, for years
They wrote, they spoke, exchanged their tears
But one fine day, they met again
In the den of deadly men

With gracious guns some had come
We stood so still, so quiet, so numb
They promised us that ‘terror won’t last’
But by the time a bomb did blast

We firmed our grasp but fell aside
We tried to search a place to hide
But when I opened my eyes to see
I saw the darkness surrounding me

I found that I had lost my sight
And lost my girl too in the fight
I searched for her throughout my life
To make her my beloved wife

This went on for days, for years 
I searched; I searched and wept my tears
But one fine day we met again
I quenched my thirst with heavenly zen

But what I heard was hard to see
Her tragedy was hard on me
I lost my sight, she lost her leg
She had no choice, but had to beg

She saw my face and thus she said,
“I wept and thought that you were dead
But now I see your face so bright
And now I see you’ve lost your sight”

Thus she cried, my bonny bride
And so my arms I opened wide
She hugged and kissed, I held her tight
To share the warmth and make her light

We feel complete when we are near
My eyes, her legs, now had no fear
I take her in my arms and say
"Your eyes, my legs to walk our way" 

This is a story so eternal now
When a boy and a girl live in love
They are one, they kept their vow
Of love and lived in love, in love....