A Tale of Friendship

September 11, 2014

Annie and Anil were best friends since childhood. Both their families were close.

They were like mirror images of each other. Both shared each and every secret of their lives. They shared joys and sorrows together. Whenever Anil needed Annie, she was always there for him and vice-versa. 

Years passed and both grew up. But their friendship did not change. Both completed their education and left for jobs abroad. Annie flew to Kuwait and Anil to Dubai. Both did not fail to keep in touch with each other. They used mail, video chat, etc, and their friendship remained. 

As time passed by, Anil fell in love with his colleague Priya. Annie became busy with her work and they would hardly get time to speak to each other. One Friday evening they spoke, and Anil told Annie about his love Priya. Annie was happy for him. She wished him luck and asked him to make a promise that no matter what happened, they would never let go of their friendship.

Anil and Priya were happy. Anil used to always tell her about Annie, and Priya would get annoyed. She placed a condition on Anil that either he had to choose friendship or love. Anil was stuck. He didn’t know what to do. He thought about Annie, how she was always there for him. Nor did he want to lose Priya. She was his love.  

After thinking much, Anil came to a conclusion. He mailed Annie.

Dear Friend Annie,
How are you dear? I just wanted to tell you that we can no longer contact each other. I am sorry to say that we need to end our friendship as Priya needs it. And I need Priya. Sorry to break the promise. Take care, my dear.  


Annie was dumbstruck to see the mail from Anil. Never did she expect it from him. She was hurt, but what was more important for her was her friend's happiness.  She just wished Anil luck  and never tried to contact him again. She came back from Kuwait and Annie’s parents shifted to a far off place and thus all links were closed between Annie and Anil.

Annie was married to Rajesh and was happy. She got busy with her life. She had a happy family, but in between she used to miss her best friend Anil.

Years passed on. After Rajesh's death  Annie was lonely. Her children were well settled abroad. Annie was sent to an old age home. It was her decision, because she wanted to spent her remaining life without bothering anyone. 

Annie entered the old age home. She was given a room. One day as she was strolling outside in the evening she saw a man of nearly her age sitting on a bench. She came closer and saw – yes it was her best friend Anil. Who left her friendship for his love. She went to him.

Anil was shocked to see Annie. Both were happy to see each other. Annie asked him, "How is your life? Where is Priya? Why are you here??"

Anil said sadly, "Annie, my life was finished the day I married Priya. I left your friendship for my love. After few years of marriage I came to know that she didn’t love me, she loved my money. She divorced  me. I missed you a lot Annie. I wanted to contact you, but I was ashamed about what I did to you. And god taught me a lesson for that. Priya left me alone and married a rich person, and I had no choice but to come to this old age home."

Annie was speechless. She never wanted this to happen to her best friend. She consoled Anil, and told him that even she missed him. 

They spoke about each other's life and their childhood days. They laughed their hearts out. Anil asked Annie, "Can I sleep on your lap as I used to when we were children?" Annie agreed. After some hours Annie realized that  Anil had breathed his last. He breathed his last in his best friend's lap.

Annie's eyes flooded with teas.

True friendship never dies.