Heavenly Beauty
November 1, 2014

Heavenly Beauty

A sparkling beauty
Wriggled out from the kissing gates of heaven
Dressed in gold
Shining like the sun

Her trumpeters followed
Roaring with their heart-thumping tunes
Imposing authority
Evoking fear

Her slender curves 
Resembling the serpentine body of a dragon
Spewed fire
And illuminated the sky

Her gait was one of confidence
Stride, that of courage
Her speed aroused inspiration
And appearance manifested power

Earth glistened with her brightness
Nature echoed her pride
Humanity trembled at her electrifying fury
Mortals suffered her strike

This beauty summoned at nature’s behest
Soothed the senses and soul
Her formidable display of energy
Awakened pantheism.