Our beautiful city Mangaluru
Nov 17, 2014

This is perhaps one of the shortest articles that we have written to date in Daijiworld. This article is especially written to all Citizens of this Country “To make a difference to our neighbouring surroundings “. 

We need to ensure a clean and safe environment, not only for humans, but also for wildlife and for the health and enjoyment of the present and future generations. Every living being has a right to safe and clean drinking water as well as clean air. Our rivers and water bodies should be safe for drinking and swimming and our air free of pollution.

Kindly look at each picture with an open mind .We would like to make it very clear that there is no blame game here and that each of us that includes Geeta and I, we are all part of the problem in the context of each and every picture and quickly need to be part of the solution. Every picture is original and in no way altered.

Kindly note that, all these pictures, some of them taken in the heart of Mangalore , but most of them within a radius of 2km in and around Mangalore, clearly shows that we need to stimulate our minds with a new awakening.  It is just not that our cities should be clean for human habitation but also for all other forms of life. In our opinion, if we can provide wildlife a chance to thrive in our Beautiful city called Mangalore, we can be considered as one among the lucky few in the world to co habit harmoniously with wildlife.

Garbage disposal and conversion of waste into wealth is a multimillion dollar industry in the Western Countries. We need to bring in this technology on a war footing. Without building proper infrastructure and systems, we cannot function only on slogans with no delivery system in place. Slogans will not take us anywhere.  We need to tackle the problem in a very scientific way. It is just not enough to reduce, recycle and reuse waste, buts what’s important is segregating waste into various components at the house/flat/ industry level and processing the same for compost, fuel pellets, or other bi products.

To begin with, waste collected in houses should be segregated at the door step itself with different colour codes like green for vegetable waste (Biodegradable), red for glass, yellow for oil and so on. Then comes the collection centres which pick up the respective colour coded stuff and all of this goes to a solid / liquid waste management Plant and the recycling process is initiated. 

A clean India campaign started by the Prime Minister should percolate to the grassroots. First and foremost we should take pride in our city and bring about a change in our mind set. Each should inspire the other and say, Yes, Garbage disposal should be tackled the scientific way. Yes pollution is my problem and I am going to tackle it head on. One small way for corporates or a group of individuals to show solidarity with the cleanup campaign is to adopt a small stretch of road and provide waste bins and proper disposal of garbage. Bill boards and TV ads along with ads in FM will also be of help.

Kindly add on your suggestions.

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