A Movie Quiz
November 21, 2014

A Movie Quiz

If you are a movie buff and want to have a go
At trying to find some famous films in the lines below
I’m sure you’ll find it easy cause I’ve tried to list the best
And if you spot a hundred, I’ll say you’ve passed the test

So hurry for the gold rush if you’re singing in the rain
Dial M for murder with a puppet on a chain
Switch of all the city lights while kissing Dr. No
Goodfellas are on the prowl though some have vertigo

The taxi driver’s flirting with the graduate from Spain
Who’s sleeping with the enemy as well as citizen Kane
Charging like a raging bull who has been cast away
With a million dollar baby on a Roman holiday 

The Godfather and ET said that Annie Hall was cool
Lawrence of Arabia confessed she made him drool
I guess like me some like it hot with strangers on a train
I loved La Dolce Vita though scarface sniffed cocaine 

In a streetcar named desire we made our great escape
And the gangs of New York wondered if King Kong was an ape
We sailed to Casablanca and flew to Notting Hill
And tried to kill a mocking bird who told us to kill Bill 

We did not want to die hard with all the President’s men
While Kramer vs Kramer thought of star wars now and then
They said that one flew over the cuckoo’s nest at four
And Lincoln found Mackenna’s gold with Dr. Zhivago 

The sound of music beckoned and so did Malcolm X
With some psycho caught in traffic which I must say was complex 
Avoiding all the Mean streets Rambo used his fist
Argo caught the fugitive while checking Schindlers List 

In the shining light of skyfall finding Nemo was a joke
The wolf of wall street reckoned that the lion King was broke
The raiders of the lost arc who walk the line were gone
With the wind which blew over the black swan in the morn

We gatecrashed to the party with Erin Brokovich
Who liked the French connection but not the seven year itch
Ben Hur emailed Forest Gump to witness sister act
And my fair lady spanked the kid who said the mirror crack’d 

Our last tango in Paris was just where eagles dare
And not about the fight club or the Thomas crown affair
So use your basic instinct like Thelma and Louise
A Pretty woman’s saving Private Ryan whom she’ll tease 
The hunt for red October had ended in a crash
Eyes wide shut the terminator tried his best to splash
The silence of the lambs seemed like the day the earth stood still
Hiding from the blade runner who sang songs in Nashville

The titanic survivor saved the dark knight and the ghost
While JFK and rain man said Goldfinger liked to boast
They fried a fish called Wanda and killed a few good men
Wanted to pulp fiction with the body guard at 10

The pink panther said breakfast at Tiffany’s could wait
Until dark in cold blood where dead men walking skate
Dancing on the waterfront were beauty and the beast
Who liked the colour purple   and the Les Miserables priest 

To make their way to China town they changed their avatar
The grapes of wrath and lilies in the field were in a jar
Capote said the clockwork orange made him want to squeal
Unlike the fiddler on the roof who would not seal the deal

Your game is almost over so let's check if you've won
No matter what your score is I hope you had some fun
I’ll click you kiss your Oscar amidst the loud applause
The walk of fame will see your name, not Steven Spielberg’s jaws.