Bahrain Billawas hold Satynarayana Puja in Manama

Media Release

Bahrain, May 12: Bahrain Billawas Guru Seva Samiti, a premiere association of Billawas in the Kingdom of Bahrain, commemorated the beginning of the 15th-anniversary celebrations by hosting Samuhika Shree Satyanarayana Puja and induction ceremony of the executive committee for the year, at Shree Krishna Temple Auditorium, Manama on Friday, May 5.

Shree Satyanarayana Katha Parayana and Puja rituals were performed by Purohit Gururaj Udupa from Niddodi, Mangaluru who was specially invited for the event and was assisted by Jayaprakash Bengre.

The whole programme was systematically conceptualised by an able enthusiastic team led by Ajith Bangera, president of Bahrain Billawas - Guru Seva Samiti and support of family members of the association.




























The venue witnessed more than 1000 devotees assembled in one place, deeply immersed devotionally with hymns and bhajans in praise of the Lord.
After the Puja, the induction ceremony of the new executive committee for the year was held.

During the event, an invitation to support the construction of Deyi Baideti, Koti Chennaya Moolasthana at Shree Kshethra Gejjegiri Nandana Bithl was released by former presidents' of the association - Rajkumar, Raghu Shiva Poojary and Krishna Suvarna, along with president Ajith Bangera and the executive committee members.

HG Dayal Chandra Prabhu of ISKCON Bahrain recited the Bhajana Keerthana 'Hari Naama Japisidare Namma Jeevana Pavana'.

Puja formalities were followed by Maha Mangalarathi and Teertha Prasada distribution. Later, Maha Prasada, a delicious vegetarian dinner buffet, was served to all devotees.

The programme was compered by the entertainment secretary, Pradeep Sudhekar and Kushi Ashok.