Udupi: Sri Krishna Math renovated - Kalabhisheka held, Brahmakalashotsava on May 18

Pics: Umesh Marpalli / Pareekshith Shet
Daijiworld Media Network - Udupi (PS/HB/SP)

Udupi, May 17: Sri Krishna Math in the city, which is eight centuries old, has got thoroughly renovated and reconstructed for the first time under the initiative undertaken by Paryaya Sri Vishweshateertha Swamiji of Pejawar Math. The Swamiji's long-cherished dream has come true. The outer precincts of the Math, which were built of mud in the past, have been replaced with tastefully carved wooden sculptures and the height of the precincts has been increased by one level. With this, more air and light will enter Sri Krishna Math.

Brahmakalashotsava as part of the renovation and reconstruction is being held on May 18 on a grand scale.

Sri Krishna Math happens to be the hub for Dwaita philosophy, which is one of the three main philosophies of Hindu religion. The Math has been exhaustively renovated now. Renovation of the outer wall of the Math is going on in full swing. As the wooden sculptures lining the outer precincts had turned brittle, they needed to be replaced and renovated. Pejavar Swamiji, who is into his record-breaking fifth Paryaya period, was determined to renovate the Math. As per his wishes, renovation is going on. It is in final stages. On May 18, both Sri Vishweshateertha Swamiji and his junior, Sri Vishwaprasannateertha Swamiji, will be jointly officiating the Brahmakalashotsava celebrations.

Thousands of devotees pay obeisance at Sri Krishna Math every day. The Math is famous across the country and abroad. In the past, whenever the crowd in front of the sanctum sanctorum swelled, a suffocating atmosphere was experienced. Enough air and light was not entering the sanctum sanctorum in the past. To address this problem, the outer precincts are renovated in such a fashion that more air and light is allowed inside now. Increasing of the height of the outer wall also is aimed at allowing air and light to enter the Math premises in abundance. There is no record of renovation work conducted here in the past. The renovation work, undertaken to commemorate 700th birth centenary of Madhwacharya, reportedly has cost over five crore rupees.

Over 3,000 cubic feet of best quality wood that is tastefully carved and sculpted, which was brought from government timber depots and saw mills at Byndoor and Mundgod have been used for the renovation work. Over a 100 skilled craftsmen have worked day and night on the renovation cum restoration work. The roof of the Math is now covered with copper sheets. 12 toones of copper has been used for the sheets, and copper nails weighing 500 kg have been used to ensure that they do not gather rust over a period.

The floor and surrounding walls of the sanctum sanctorum have been cleaned and covered with silver weighing 40 kg. The flooring around the sanctum sanctorum is being replaced with granite. To help senior citizens to reach the dining hall without facing trouble, a ramp is being built.

Programmes connected with Brahmakalashotsava are going on from May 14 onward and will continue till May 18. Various state and central level leaders are taking part in different programmes. Devotees of Lord Krishna are enthusiastically waiting for the thrilling moment of Brahmakalashotsava being held on May 18.

Nagaland governor attends Kalashabhisheka

Nagaland governor Padmanabha Acharya appreciated the development of Udupi district on the occasion of Brahmakaloshotsava of Sri Krishna Math here on Tuesday May 16, which was attended by thousands of devotees.

Kalashabhisheka was offered to Lord Sri Krishna by scores of devotees. A grand horekanike procession was organised to mark the historical moment, which commenced from Jodukatte and concluded at the Math. 

Speaking on the occasion, Padmanabha Acharya who was born at Udupi said, "I am very happy to be part of this programme. Udupi is developing fast. The beauty of the math has increased due to the initiatives taken up by Pejawar Swamiji. We should all pray for making 'Strong Bharath, Samarth Bharath and Nirogi Bharath'. India has all the potential to shine at global level. Weaker sections of the society should be uplifted and come out of our comfort zone to build a strong India."

"Yoga, ayurveda and joint family system are part of Indian culture, but all that has stopped due to western influence. We are educated, but are still lagging behind in our thoughts. Indian which is known for its integrity, is in danger," he added.

The governor also spoke on Nagaland and said that despite having all natural resources, the state suffers from poverty. "The word 'Namaste' connects eight territories of Nagaland. N for north, A for Arunachal Pradesh, M for Manipur, A for Assam, S for Sikkim and T for Tripura and E for east. The north east part of India should be a empowered. I invite all to Nagaland. It will lead to cultural exchange and the overall development," he concluded.

Minister for food and public distribution U T Khader said, "We should keep all our problems in front of God. He will definitely give us the best solution. God will bless people who loves him. One should develop humanity within himself. No one will remember name and fame of a person after death, but only his good work. All holy religious books propagate the same that is love each other and be human being first. Finding solution for problems is the responsibility of all youth."

Our country is known for its rich culture and humanity. So religious leaders like Pejawar Swamiji are doing noble work to enhance Indian culture across the globe. India is a land of cultural heritage and stands firmly on two epics like Ramayana and Mahabharath," he added.

Dharmadhikari of Shree Kshetra Dharmasthala Dr D Veerendra Heggade said, "God lies in us. There is a belief that we enjoy our present life due to the good work of our ancestors. In contrast, over a period of time, all old beliefs have been commercialised. There is a need to find causes for all these drastic changes in religious faith. A huge religious revolution has been initiated by Pejawar Swamiji, who has been witnessing a historical milestone in religion," said Dharmadhikari of Shree Kshetra Dharmasthala Dr D Veerendra Heggade.

Sri Vishveshateertha Swamiji of Pejawar Math blessed the gathering on the occasion and said, "It was a collective effort and due to the blessings of Lord Sri Krishna. Every one has to surrender to him. It is not the renovation of Sri Krishna Math, but also the renovation of the society. Let Brahmakaloshotsava lead to a prosperous Udupi and a happier world."

Sri Vishwa Prasanna, junior Swamiji of Paryaya Pejawar Math; Sri Vidyasagara Theertha Swamiji of Krishnapura Math; Jayaram Bhat, president, Karnataka Bank; Sri Vidyatma Swamiji of Prayag Math and Vidwan Vijayendra Acharya were present.