Bengaluru: To rein in fakes, govt to appoint astrologers at muzrai temples

Daijiworld Media Network - Bengaluru (SP)

Bengaluru, May 17: The government wants to restrain self-styled fake astrologers from duping the people by giving unauthorised astrological advice. Towards this end, it is planning to appoint astrologers for temples falling under muzrai department.

At a time when the government is under pressure to bring in law to ban superstitions, it is thinking of making these appointments. The department plans to appoint those who hold certificates for having completed study of astrology and ancient Hindu system of architecture, 'Vastu Shastra'. Through these appointments, the government plans to restrict unscrupulous people without any knowledge of astrology who have been fleecing innocent people.

The present thinking is to appoint astrologers in cities and towns in the first phase by fixing monthly honorarium. The government cannot afford to appoint astrologers in all its 34,573 temples at a stretch. This is as per the recommendations of the state union of astrologers and astrology teachers. B Gajendra, general secretary of this union, says that the state has over 20,000 persons who have completed different astrological and Vasu Shastra courses conducted by Sanskrit University, and that the union has requested the state to assign them work in muzrai temples.

Muzrai minister, Rudrappa Lamani, clarified that a discussion on this recommendation will be held at the meeting of religious council and a decision will be arrived at soon.

These astrologers will not be permanent employees of the department like priests. They will be allotted fixed hours during which the people can meet them and consult them on issues like fixing of muhurats. The department will issue guidelines about fee payable to them for consultations.