Udupi: Abandoned well within city - deathtrap waiting to claim lives

Daijiworld Media Network - Udupi (HB/SP)

Udupi, May 19: An abandoned public well located in front of the compound of the executive engineer's office on Kitturu Chennamma Marg near Ajjarkad ward in the city is precariously dangerous to humans and animals alike. The well, which is neglected and left open, can provide water to the people during times of water scarcity if it is renovated.

The city municipality appears to have totally neglected this well. Because of dirt and filth that have accumulated in this well, its water has become unusable even during monsoon months. This well is so ancient that it is now practically impossible to find why it has been left in a neglected state, how long, and who did it.

The well is apparently very old. Besides, it is quite deep. Its protective wall is build of laterite stones. If the filth in the well is cleared, the well, one believes, will provide good amount of water during the rainy season. As there is shortage of rainfall and potable water, the authorities will do well to take up the work of recharging abandoned wells and ponds sufficiently in advance so that they can come in handy during summer months.

In the opinion of social worker, Nityananda Olakadu, people have treated this well as a garbage dump as it is located a little away from the main road. One portion of the protective wall of the well has suffered partial collapse. The remaining portion is positioned precariously and might fall to the ground anytime now. Cows, calves, dogs and cats which roam around in search of food and other things face the risk of falling into this well and losing their lives. This well, which is about 30 feet deep, urgently needs to be capped. Otherwise, it will become a huge breeding ground for mosquitoes. The well needs to be properly cleaned and arrangement should made facilitate recharging it with water, before a lid is placed over it.

The officials of the city municipal council here have to attend to this well immediately before it is too late and lives are lost. A number of such wells, which would have generated some water for the thirsty city, have got buried under the ground in the past.