Dharwad: Inspiring - He can neither hear nor speak, still scored 96.5% in PU

Media Release

Dharwad, May 19: There are times when we across individuals who, with sheer grit and indomitable courage, overcome hurdles in their path and achieve a lot more than those who blessed with every luxury. In one such instance, a speech and hearing impaired student of ICS Mahesh PU College, Dharwad has beaten a host of his physically able classmates and scored a remarkable 96.5% in PU exams, results of which were declared last week.

Shivayogi B N became an overnight star after he earned laurels to his college and his parents by scoring an aggregate of 96.5% in PCMC with an overall score of 93% in II PUC. He scored Kannada 88, English 84, physics 99, chemistry 95, mathematics 95 and computer science 97.

Good in Academics

At the age of two, Shivayogi was diagnosed with the severe hearing loss. He was treated at All India Institute for Speech and Hearing and then underwent a four-year training course at Rotary West Institute for Mother and Deaf Child. "The special training provided by the educators there, Ratna Shetty in particular, helped him reading and comprehending lip movements and overcome the problem in learning," said Nagaratna, mother of Shivayogi.

When Shivayogi turned six, he got admitted in one of the renowned schools in Karwar, KHEP High School of KPCL where his father himself was a staff member. In the years to come, to his parents’ contentment, he gradually made a mark in academics as he went on to become studious student with a command over four languages including his mother tongue. His multi-talented attribute brought him many accolades as he managed to excel not only in academics but also in extra-curricular activities. He made his parents’ hearts swell with pride when he won district as well as state level competitions in drawing and sketching.

One of the most important days in Shivayogi’s life that completely banished his cynicism came when he registered an astounding score of 606 out of 625 marks in SSLC exam without letting his adversities come in the path of his success. This success instilled the highest of level of optimism in him as decided to pursue PUC in the stream of Science.

ICS Mahesh PU College's Role in Shivayogi's Road to Success

ICS Mahesh PU College, has played an important role in Shivayogi's success. In the days where modern and lucrative minded colleges think twice before facilitating such specially-abled students, Mahesh PU College were adamant on taking this as a challenge.

Children with hearing impairment face problems during lecturers, discussions and one-on-conversations and these challenges are irrespective of level of hearing disability. Shivayogi resorted to 'Robomate' which made learning simple. India’s largest video platform for students containing modular lectures and interactive study materials which are carefully designed to ensure maximum learning through proven techniques such as conceptual videos, adaptive learning and collaborative learning methods that helped him approach studies in a different way as he could pause and repeat the lecture that he was following which is not in the case of live lectures in the classrooms.

Very early in his journey at ICS Mahesh PU College, Dharwad, Shivayogi showed signs of genius that he was later to display prominently. His industriousness, honesty and sympathetic attitude made special for him not only in the hearts and minds of the faculty, but also in his fellow mates.

Shivayogi's Take on Life

Shivayogi’s life was not all bed of roses. He had his share of battles with loneliness and issues with communication. "Since childhood I have always had problems coping up with the customary society. Interacting with my peers and my family members caused irksome and tested both mine and their patience. I used to be cynical about my abilities as there used to be instances when people around me had to compromise so many aspects which sometimes made me grumpy and dejected.

"But then, I started seeing the brighter side of life as I started to accustom myself with awakening books and inspiring people particularly Bharat Shetty Barkar who battled similar fate as mine with optimum success. I began believing in my abilities and talents that would make some differences in the years to come. I started inculcating ethical values in me and expanded myself to broader horizons as I opened myself to different perspectives of life. My focal point was to achieve as much as possible so that I remain to be in the thick of things which gave satisfaction of a different sort. And now at the fag end of my teenage years, I would be dishonest if I express that my problems and conflicts have disappeared, but one thing that truly has changed is that I have begotten an endurance to cross over the hurdles that are laid before me," says Shivayogi.