Mangaluru: Boost to Tulu, Konkani music - Ronald Colaco launches Radio Daijiworld

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Daijiworld Media Network - Mangaluru

Mangaluru, May 20: Creating yet another milestone in the history of media development in coastal Karnataka, Daijiworld on Friday May 19 launched RADIO daijiworld, an internet and app-based radio that is primarily focused on bringing Konkani and Tulu music to listeners spread across the world.

The innovative RADIO daijiworld app was formally launched in a splendid ceremony by NRE entrepreneur and philanthropist Ronald Colaco, in the presence of IGP (western range) Harishekaran, MD of Hyssna Internation LLC, Abu Dhabi Ronald Pinto, Daijiworld founder Walter Nandalike and station director of RADIO daijiworld Arun D'Almeida. On the same occasion, IGP Harishekaran launched Radio Daijiworld's website

Addressing the gathering, Ronald Colaco said, "It is a proud moment for all Mangalureans as one more media has taken birth today. I am very priveleged and happy to be here today. Seventeen years ago, I was invited to launch Daijiworld web portal. At that time I did not have any knowledge whatsoever about it, but later on I realized what a venture it turned out to be. It started out as a humble, simple venture, and that is what I always say - we don't have to go that far; like Narayana Murthy of Infosys, Rupert Murdoch of Star TV, Steve Job of Apple, we have Walter Nandalike here with a simple, humble beginning he has already reached his fifth media venture, and as you already know, they have already connected the west coast of India to the world.

"If you see the comments to any news in daijiworld web media, you will notice, there are people even from countries who are not familiar to you taking the time and effort to comment. That shows how popular Daijiworld has become across the globe. Wherever our people are settled across the globe, they go through this website. Having half a million daily readership is a very big number in today's media world. I feel privileged and fortunate to have launched all the five media ventures of Daijiworld. I pray for God Almighty's abundant blessings on Daijiworld for this venture and for future also," Colaco said.

Emphasizing the role of media in building a healthy democracy, he said, "Talking about media, it is really important in today's world - If you have a large readership or viewership, you will be able to form a credible readers' opinion, the responsible citizens' opinion, so you can make or break the government also, depending on what size of readership or viewership you have. And you see today, some of the media, not all, how they are biased, politically oriented, how they are glorifying criminals, how they are distorting facts, and in a way creating disharmony while we are longing for communal harmony. Some of the small issues are blown out of proportion. I think the police chief here (IGP Harishekaran) will agree with me, words like 'king' and 'chief' are misused to glorify criminals, for instance, underworld 'don', 'kingpin' etc. Why are criminals being glorified in the main pages of media with such words? This will only encourage criminals to continue their crimes and create more headache to the police."

Appreciating Daijiworld for presenting unbiased news, Colaco said, "Daijiworld is not only first, but also an authentic media. I have seen in some of the incidents like the Mangaluru air crash and church attacks, most of the international media, like CNN and BBC, had daijiworld as their source, and I had seen photographs in their websites with daijiworld watermark. That means they get authentic news and that is why they are picked up. At the same time, daijiworld has proved to be unbiased. Daijiworld has generated Rs 14 crore in charity. I have seen in some of the media, during natural calamities they put up appeals, collect money and then transfer the amount to relief funds, but in such cases there is cash handling by the media. But daijiworld does not do that. It has real concern for the distressed, those who are need medical treatment or the poor who want to pursue education. Daijiworld puts up their appeals, but only connects the needy to the donor, and makes sure the financial assistance reaches in a timely manner. Individual amounts go to individual accounts of the needy people - it is a commendable work and I salute daijiworld for that."

Speaking about how important the police department was to the society, Colaco said, "The police department is an important wing of the administration, because the police take care of the law and order, safety and security of the people, take care of crime detection and its reduction, and they take care of traffic management. It is very important that the police department works efficiently, because then fifty percent of the government's headache is gone. More than 90 percent of the police work efficiently 365 days a year, ensuring that there is peace and everything is moving smoothly.

"But you know, just as the five fingers are not equal, and just as you will find someone in your own family who is not up to the mark, you will find in the police department too that one or two or a few people not up to the mark who commit certain blunders. But what does the media do? They forget about the good work done by the police during the entire year, and highlight a problem in such a way that the entire police department is defamed, as it was an utter failure, which in turn demoralises the police. That is where daijiworld and some other media too have done a good job by not sensationalising and not communalising a news. They report only to the extent it is required and do not sensationalise unnecessarily. The media has to act in a very responsible manner," he said. He concluded his speech by wishing all success to Daijiworld and its latest venture.

IGP (western range) Harishekaran began his address on a lighter note saying that he had two reasons to accept the invitation to attend the launch ceremony. "One, because Walter Nandalike is a media personality, and we have to be always careful about saying 'no' to media. Secondly, I did not want to miss the opportunity to meet Ronald Colaco. My first meeting with him was only for about five minutes when he had wished me at an event. I do not know him personally, but I heard his name for the first time two years ago. When I was serving as additional commissioer of law and order in Bengaluru, I had Fraser Town police station, now called Pulakesinagar police station, under my jurisdiction. When I went to this police station for the first time, I noticed that it was unique - it was clean and neat, and also architecturally different. I told the officer there that it did not look like a police station, it was so beautiful. He said Ronald Colaco had built it for the police department. Since then, his name has always been at the back of my mind. There are so many rich persons in Bengaluru and I am familiar with their mindsets, but I thought with wonder about the personality and generosity of the person who built a police station for us. So I was keen to meet and talk to him," he said, lauding Colaco for his philanthropical work.

"There is a lot of difference between the people of Mangaluru and rest of Karnataka. The people here speak different languages and belong to different communities, be it Konkanis, Bearys or Nawaiths. People of Mangaluru are highly intelligent. I have researched a lot on this aspect and I have found that it is because of the exposure people get here. There are similarities between the east coast in Tamil Nadu and the west coast here, both get good exposure. They have similarities in many aspects, including adminstrative culture. But unlike Kerala and Tamil Nadu which have only one language each, here there are several languages like Konkani and Tulu. As a rule, whenever there is a change in language geographically, the physical features should also change. That is why this region is unique, and that is why the people here have got such good exposure, be it education or trade, which has in turn led to spread of knowledge. Wherever there is communication, there is knowledge too," he said.

"Internet is God's gift to us. Today, it is possible to get news from 10 different states at a click of a button. India is rising and with the spread of communication and technology, very soon it will grow even further.

"We should be aware of our social responsibilities. As Colaco said, nobody should popularise criminals and cases need to be filed against those who do so. Media has a big responsibility being the fifth pillar of democracy. Media has the power to save innocents, it has the power to change governments and police. At the same time, having such capacity, the media should be principled and stand above the rest. But I am sorry to say, today many do not have in-depth knowledge about what they write," he said.

He also assured all support to RADIO daijiworld and appreciated the initiative, urging that the medium be also used to spread awareness among people on important social matters.

Ronald Pinto in his brief address said, "I congratulate Daijiworld on completing 16 years and on stepping into its fifth venture, RADIO daijiworld. As you all know, Daijiworld has become a household name not only in Mangaluru but all over the world, and I am sure RADIO daijiworld will also become a household name in a short time. I wish them all the best."

Earlier, Walter Nandalike welcomed the gathering while RADIO daijiworld station director Arun D'Almeida elaborated on the features of the internet radio, narrating how the idea for the venture was formed, conceptualised and executed.

Ace compere Leslie Rego hosted the ceremony in his classy style. Babita Pinto invoked God's blessings with a prayer song.

About RADIO daijiworld

RADIO daijiworld, a subsidiary of Daijiworld Audio Visual Pvt Ltd, is primarily an app-based medium that can be downloaded from the Google PlayStore (for Android devices) and App Store (Apple devices). It is customised for all internet users, offering a high quality radio with crystal clear sound, accessible even on 2G internet. Other utilities available in the app include links to the radio's social media pages, push notifications, and regular utilities like alarm, weather and news updates. The app also has a built-in recording facility. Listeners can also rate the songs. While 80 percent of the consist of Tulu and Konkani music, it will also feature Kannada and English music too.

The app is available for free download in Google PlayStore and Apple store (search for RADIO daijiworld).

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