Mysuru: Actress who mesmerized CM in childhood appears as he memorizes her

Daijiworld Media Network - Mysuru (SP)

Mysuru, Jul 16: In a heart-warming incident which happened at Mysuru on Saturday July 15 here, chief minister Siddaramaiah dug from his childhood memory, an incident in which he was deeply impressed by an actress of a street play at his village. The lady artiste in question, who is around 80 now, appeared in front of Siddaramaiah within a few minutes, taking him by surprise.

Siddaramaiah inaugurated a residential complex having 1,040 houses built for slum dwellers at Ekalavya Nagar in Shyadanahalli here on Saturday. He mentioned about the fact that houses have been allotted in this complex even for people belonging to nomad families. Recollecting his childhood days spent in his village, Siddaramana Hundi five decades back, he vividly recollected details of the street play, 'Satyavan Savitri' presented by a nomad community known as 'Dombi Dasa'. He recollected that usually such families came and presented their talent during harvesting season.

One of the audience stood up to tell the CM that Muniyamma, who used to play the role of heroine, 'Savitri' in that street play is alive even now. Some people observed that Muniyamma was seated among the audience. Some Congress activists escorted her to the dais. The CM, who had a look at her, confirmed that she was the one who convincingly portrayed the role of Savitri. He happily enquired about the woman's well-being.

The CM asked her whether she recognizes him. She said she knows him and that he happens to be the chief minister of Karnataka. When he asked who was responsible for giving her a home, she acknowledged that Siddaramaiah was instrumental in this largesse. When he asked whether she is getting rice under 'Anna Bhagya' scheme, she answered in the affirmative.

Siddaramaiah felicitated the erstwhile actress by draping a shawl around Muniyamma's shoulders, garlanding her, and presenting Rs 500 to her personally. Minister Dr H C Mahadevappa also gave Rs 1,000 to the lady on his behalf.