Mangaluru: Passengers complain about harassment in Nizamuddin Express

Daijiworld Media Network- Mangaluru (ANK)

Mangaluru Jul 16: A young girl, who was travelling in Nizamuddin Express along with five other passengers, has narrated their ordeal during the journey by Nizamuddin Express from New Delhi to Mangaluru.

As per details, the girl named Ganashree, who hails from Kodagu, boarded Nizamuddin Express train from New Delhi on July 14 along with other 5 passengers. During their journey, when the train reached Maharashtra, one of the passenger’s mobile was stolen and they could not do anything about the lost mobile. But there was more to come. Later a miscreant tried to snatch the chain from Ghanashree's grandmother but failed. But he managed to flee from the spot by jumping off the train. Ghanashree had to pull the alert chain so that they could complain to the railway guard or TC, but no one came for their rescue and train started moving again.

“We also noticed that some strangers were selling tobacco, cigarettes and alcohol and when we questioned them, they threatened us. So we decided to protest at Panvel when the train reached there. When we complained to the RPF police, they too took the matter very lightly and refused to take the complaint and ordered to complain at local police station,” said Ganashree.

“Many strangers were loitering around in the sleeper compartment. There were no gunmen or TC in the train. Even after we reached Mangaluru, no TC did turn up at any point to check the tickets. Even pulling the alert chain does not attract the attention of train staff,” she added.

“Before reaching Kaman Road we had pulled the chain three times but train kept on moving. At Kaman Road, a railway guard threatened us for pulling the chain and told that we will face serious consequence if we tried to do it again. In fact entire compartment stood by us and we stopped the train for 20 minutes and informed them that we will not allow the train to move until TC arrives. But they told us they will complain with police in next station Panvel.” Ganashree informed.

“It was not only our compartment but every compartment had same problems. A lady who was physically challenged too was travelling in the train and was seated in handicap department. She was so scared as a 50 year man was drinking alcohol,” she said.

“RPF police too told us that they could not do anything and asked us to complaint at the local police station. RPF gave us protection only for three hours until the train reached Goa. After that they were not seen.” she concluded. 

Out of the six passengers three of them were women which included Ganashree and her grandmother. The passengers who reached Mangaluru with great difficulty are planning to complain to local police.

Though these things are common these days in trains, Ganashree says she cannot take the things lightly and wants to see the trains to be made very safe for passengers especially women and physically challenged.