Dubai - Mangaluru AI Express veers off runway - All safe
Daijiworld Media Network - Mangalore
Mangaluru, Jul 16 : An Air India Express flight IX 814, that landed on Sunday, July 16 early morning at Mangaluru International Airport from Dubai, made the 185 passenges anxious as it 'momentarily' veered off the runway due to poor weather conditions, according to the Airport Authority of India officials.
"There was nothing to panic. Everything was alright. No passegnegers was injured. Aircraft was also not damaged. It was raining heavily at the irport during early morning hours when the incident took place." said an eye witness. 
The pilots of the flight - IX814 - were able to bring the Boeing 737 back to the runway's centre line after it skidded. 

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The flight was reportedly carrying 185 people - including two infants - when the incident took place.
"Just as the aircraft was about to touch down, there was sudden gust of wind and heavy rain. The aircraft skidded to the right momentarily after the touch down. But got back to the center line thereafter," Air India Express CEO Shyam Sundar was quoted as saying. 
"There was no discomfort or injury to any passenger. Post arrival inspection of the aircraft revealed no damages." he added.