Kalaburagi: Family feud over landed property claims three lives

Daijiworld Media Network - Kalaburagi (SP)

Kalaburagi, Jul 17: After the nine-year long fight over nine acres of land  between two families in Mooganuru in Sedam taluk of the district aggravated on Sunday July 16, family members fought with each other, culminating in the murder of three members of one of the families. The murders took place in the agricultural field.

Those who lost their lives in this senseless incident were Dyavaraya (55), his wife, Kalamma (50), and son, Rajashekhar (19), an ITI student.  The trio was killed by members of the other family who used rods, cudgels and sharp weapons.

Families of Chandrakanth and Dyavaraya were engaged in dispute over ownership of nine acres of land. Dyavaraya had approached court for justice, arguing that he had inherited nine acres of land from his forefathers and that by creating fake documents, he was cheated by the other family who had usurped this land. The case has been pending in the court since the last nine years. Frustrated at this agonizing wait for justice, Dyavaraya went to the field in question along with his bullocks for plowing the field, along with his wife and son on Sunday.

Even as this family was levelling the disputed field, the other family attacked them after throwing chilli powder into their eyes. Dyavaraya, Kalamma, and Rajseshekhar, fell in a pool of blood. A woman working some distance away conveyed information to other family members. Although the three were rushed to hospital immediately, they breathed their last before reaching the hospital.