BJP offered Rs 100 crore each to some JD(S) MLAs – H D Kumaraswamy

‘Joining Cong to protect secularism’ - HDK lashes out at BJP & Modi for derailing democracy

Daijiworld Media Network – Bengaluru (DC)

Bengaluru, May 16: JD(S) president H D Kumaraswamy on Wednesday lashed out at the BJP and PM Modi for trying to destroy the democracy in India by attempting to wrest power through back door.

Addressing the media persons, Kumaraswamy on May 16 said, "BJP has formed government in few states despite not getting majority. Though they do not have clear majority here in Karnataka they are trying to come to power through back door. The BJP has been misusing the central agencies like IT and CBI and scare the regional parties. Income tax department has been acting in favor of BJP. BJP is trying to destroy democracy,"

"I have worked for the people in my short tenure as CM. I never went in search of power. People elected us. The BJP have offered 100 crores to JD(S) leaders to switch sides. Does the BJP have stock of black money? Where is this black money coming from? They are supposedly the servers of poor people and they are offering money today. Where are the income tax officials? In Goa and Manipur Congress was single largest party but the BJP did not allow them to form government and wrest power through undemocratic way. But here in Karnataka they are doing the opposite," he added. 

He also lashed out at BJP and PM Modi asking them whether they were protectors of the democracy and was against black money. "Earlier I had an alliance with the BJP following few mistakes committed by the Congress and to save my own party. I had let down the secular ideas of my father by joining the BJP. The people of Mandya, Mysuru, Hassan, Tumakuru have supported us this time. Neither my party nor I want power. People committed a mistake by making BJP the single largest party. So this is a second opportunity for me to wash off those black marks," he said. 

He also recalled how his father and the JD(S) were criticized by PM Modi. "PM Modi had criticized my father during campaigning. Yeddyurappa was criticised when he was in KJP by the own BJP people," he said. 

"I have offers from both sides. There's nothing to hide. But I am trying to make up for what I did to my father in the past that hurt him. After UP elections, I had made a statement that only JD(S) can stop BJP’s storm in India. I warn the BJP if they try Operation Kamal again, it will boomerang against them. We have the power to poach twice the number of BJP MLAs. I request the Governor to follow the precedence of Goa, Manipur and Meghalaya. If somebody here has forgotten about Operation Kamala, let me remind about that. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been talking about removing black money. The same BJP offered to give Rs 100 crore each to some of my MLAs and cabinet post today. Will this Rs 100 crore be black or white? They have money to give MLAs, but what about the Rs 15 lac promised by the PM," he informed. 

"In 2008, BJP emerged as the single largest party in the state elections. But it could again not go past the halfway mark. What followed after that was an infamous political maneuver known as ‘Operation Kamal’. The BJP allegedly engineered the defection of 4 JD(S) and 3 Congress MLAs and successfully staked claim to form government in the state. Those who defected from their parties were allegedly promised huge rewards, re-elections and important posts in government bodies. BJP continued to work in this direction and went on to claim support of 121 MLAs in the 224- seat House," he said.

"We have already decided to go with Congress. That's the reason we called Janata Dal (Secular) legislature party meeting. There is no question of taking any other decision," he concluded.