Dubai: BCF holds grand Iftar meet

Media Release

Dubai, Jun 1: A grand ‘BCF Dubai Iftar Meet 2018’ was held recently at The Iranian Club Auditorium, Dubai. More than 800 people, including ladies and children, mostly Kannadiga NRIs and Bearys attended the Iftar party. Brothers and sisters from Hindu and Christian communities also participated in the function in large numbers.

Prior to Iftar, Ibrahim Dubal conducted Qirat competition for kids. Islamic quiz for both kids and adults were also conducted. All the winners in the quiz and Qirat completion were honored with prizes. Ustad Mehboob Sakhafi of KCF delivered a very informative lecture on the importance of Ramadan. He admired the good work of BCF, particularly its specified goal of empowering the community by promoting education by issuing scholarship to the poor and needy.

After Iftar, an introductory programme of ‘BCF Scholarship Meet-2018’ was conducted.

Al haj Thaha Bafaki Thangal, president of DKSC, offered Dua. Dr B K Yusuf, president of BCF, presided over the programme. Dr Kaup Mohamed, general secretary, BCF, welcomed the dignitaries to the stage. The programme started with Qirat by Fawaz.

M E Moolur, vice-president of BCF and chairman of BCF scholarship committee gave a brief introduction of BCF and BCF scholarship programmes. He said that as Allah listens to the prayers of a fasting person, it is high time to do good deeds and hence appealed the gathering to maximize their support to the same. He told that BCF has provided scholarship to more than 10,000 students so far, many of whom at present are doctors, engineers, and so on. He invited all to attend the BCF Scholarship Meet 2018, to be held in Town Hall, Mangaluru on August 19.

Latif Mulky, vice-president, BCF and chairman of BCF Iftar committee, thanked BCF managing committee and Iftar committee members for their relentless support to carry out the Iftar meet successfully. He also thanked all the people at the gathering for attending the BCF Iftar programme in big numbers. He said he is delighted for being given the responsibility as the chairman of this noble task and thanked BCF for the same. He thanked everyone who ever supported him to make the programme a successful one. He also conveyed his thanks to all the members of various associations of Karnataka who have been kind enough to accept the invitation and attend BCF Iftar Meet 2018.

Dr B K Yusuf, president of BCF wished every one with the best wishes of Holy Ramzan. Quoting verses from Holy Quran, he elaborated about the command of Allah to make use of Ramzan to gain eternal success. He said only 1 % of Ramadan is refraining from food, but the remaining 99% age of Ramadan is bringing ourselves close to Allah by cleansing away bad habits from our mind and soul and by enhancing the sense of charity, compassion and brotherhood in our hearts. He emphasized on the need to support the poor and needy. He thanked all for being kind enough to support BCF in its all charitable activities since many years. He appreciated the BCF Iftar committee lead by the chairman Abdul Latif Mulky for their excellent work effort in making the programme hugely successful.

Rizwanulla Khan, executive president, Emirates Glass, Dubai, one of the distinguished guests, conveyed his best wishes to all people who attended the Iftar meet. He appreciated BCF by highlighting the discipline and responsibilities of BCF members towards social causes.

Shareef Mandool, chairman and MD, Leaders Group of Hotels, Kuwait, expressed his pleasure for being able to attend the BCF Iftar programme, which he said is certainly unique and pleasant.

Al Haj Thaha Bafaki Thangal, Shareef, Naufal, Al Haj Abdul Jaleel Udyavar, chairman, Rustaq Trading, Dubai, and Asgarali Thangal, were honored with mementos and shawls in appreciation of their valuable social service. A special memento of appreciation was presented to the manager of Iranian Club Bouquet Hall in recognition of consistent support. The hall management team is rendering service to BCF since many years in its Iftar programme.

Dr Kaup Mohamed appealed to the gathering to be a part and parcel of this great social service by donating generously to this noble cause of providing education to the poor students. He also said that all the people should provide support to BCF for educational cause and also to support in providing free wheel chairs to the needy people of Karnataka. Dr Kaup thanked all patrons, supporters and committee member of BCF for their continued support. Dr Kaup also mentioned that Bearys Cultural Forum since last 15 years has been serving the poor people in Karnataka irrespective of caste, creed and religion. He also mentioned that BCF is involved in taking care of the down trodden society of Karnataka in the field of education by providing scholarship to the students.

The scholarship contribution drive was enthusiastically supported by the august gathering. Guest of honors, general audience and BCF committee members comprising both ladies and gentlemen generously pledged their support for free education and free wheel chairs. BCF chief advisor, BCF, Thumbay Moideen, Abdul Jaleel Udyavar, Zahirulla Khan, Dr Sadik B K, K M Ashraf, Naufal of Al Ameen Perfumes, James Mendonsa, president, Mangalore Konkans, Satish Poojary, Karnataka Sanga Sharjah, Novel Almeda and several others donated generously for the cause of providing education to the poor masses of Karnataka. Representatives many social organizations like Yusuf Arlapadavu, Iqbal Kajur, Shukoor Manila, Ustad Abdulla Musliar, Nasser Nandavara and many more guests of honor were present on the dais.

Chairman of the Iftar Meet 2018 Abdul Lathif Mulky and all his team members were applauded for their good task in conducting the Iftar Party 2018 successfully. The coordinated and dedicated support from all members of the Iftar committee and the BCF committee members including BCF ladies’ wing played a major role in making the function a very successful one.

The chairman of ladies wing Mumtaz Hussain and all her ladies team members did exemplary job of managing the ladies iftar meet and also generously contributed to the cause of developing the poor people of Karnataka.

Ameeruddin SI rendered the vote of thanks. A lots of giveaway packets and gifts were distributed. The event was sponsored by all the members of BCF.