Riyadh: Worshippers throng Grand Mosque in Makkah for last Friday prayer of Ramadan

Riyadh, Jun 9 (ArabNews): Masses of worshippers descended on the Grand Mosque of Makkah to perform Friday prayer on June 8. Crowds made up of Saudis, residents as well as foreign visitors, performing Umrah, filled all corners of the Grand Mosque, as captured by a Saudi Press Agency photographer.

Muslims everywhere tend to visit mosques more often during the last 10 days of the holy month of Ramadan to take advantage of what remains of the month by multiplying their prayers and worship in the hope that prayers are answered and that they usher in a blessed period after Ramadan.

The security forces, tasked with keeping peace and order at the Grand Mosque, have also stepped up their preparations, monitoring entry and exit processes, in the hope of keeping the Sacred Mosque, its squares and visitors safe.