Mangaluru: Triduum in preparation for St Anthony's feast begins at Milagres Church

Pics: Stanley Bantwal

Media Release

Mangaluru, Jun 11: The three-day Triduum begun in preparation for the feast of St Anthony at Milagres Church on Sunday, June 10.

Fr Cyprian D’Souza inaugurated the Triduum by hoisting St Anthony’s flag at the church. He then celebrated the Holy Mass. Fr Dolphi Serrao preached a homily on ‘St Anthony-hope for the destitute and distressed’. He said, “Jesus went about preaching and casting out the devils. The Jewish leaders who were jealous of his fame and popularity accused him of casting out devils by the power of chief of evil. Jesus, unmindful of accusation, went about doing good.

“St Anthony who tried to follow Jesus went about doing good. He used his God given talents and gift of preaching to reach out to the neediest ones. That is why even after his death during the past eight centuries, people all over the world approach him to intercede for them in their difficulties. And St Anthony never lets them down,” he said.

Fr Francis D’Souza conducted the Novena. Fr Thrishan D’Souza, and Fr Valerian D’Souza were present. More than a thousand people participated in the devotion. Fr Onil D’Souza, the director thanked all for their enthusiastic participation.