Mysuru: Illegal fencing - father, son, electrocuted - bodies thrown into river

Daijiworld Media Network - Mysuru (SP)

Mysuru, Jun 11: A man and his son got electrocuted after coming into contact with electric fencing erected by a farmer around his agricultural field. The farmer, who found the two bodies lying in his field the next morning, developed cold feet at the prospects of facing legal action, and tossed both the bodies into River Kapila nearby.

The incident came into the open with inordinate delay.

The incident happened in Anagatti Hadi in Sargur taluk in the district. The victims of the incident were Mada (45) and his son, Praveen (19) who belonged to backward tribe.

On Friday June 8, Mada, Praveen and Mariappa had visited some areas near Koosegowdanahundi village, to collect honey. When returning, Praveen came in contact with electricity when crossing an electric fence laid around the field of a local, Mari Gowda, Seeing that his son was struggling, Mada rushed to help his son but he too got electrocuted.

Startled by this unexpected turn of events, Mariappa ran to Anagatti Hadi village and informed the leaders. When the people from the village came to the spot on Saturday, they found that the bodies had gone missing. The owner of the property, Mari Gowda, sent them away by claiming that he had noticed nothing untoward there.

On Sunday morning, bodies of Mada and Praveen were found near Thumbasoge village in the taluk by the side of the river. When the bodies were brought out, it became clear that they were electrocuted.

The police who took up investigation said that prima facie, it appears that the bodies were stuffed into gunny bags and thrown into the river.