Abu Dhabi: Dr B R Shetty features in Arabic short film celebrating Year of Zayed

Media Release

The short film, 'Estimrariya' directed by Ullas R Koya, emphasizes the timeless principles of Sheikh Zayed

Abu Dhabi, Jun 12:
In attendance of Sheikh Nahyan Bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, UAE’s minister of tolerance, Abu Dhabi witnessed the premiere of 'Estimrariya', a short film that pays tribute to the legacy of the founding father of the nation, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. The Ambassador of India to the UAE, Navdeep Singh Soori has delivered the keynote address.

Written and directed by debutant director, Ullas R Koya, the six-minute short film, 'Estimrariya', which means 'Continuance' in Arabic, features noted UAE businessman and philanthropist Dr B R Shetty, who plays the role of an elderly Arab citizen teaching his granddaughter (Gamila Yassin) about virtues the United Arab Emirates inherited from the late Sheikh Zayed.

Speaking about the film, Dr B R Shetty, chairman, NMC Healthcare and Finablr, said, "In the Year of Zayed, there isn’t a better way for me to express my gratitude to the merits the late Sheikh Zayed brought upon this nation, which I have called home for 45 years. Everything the United Arab Emirates has achieved is a blossom in a tree that Sheikh Zayed planted. He was the symbol of kindness and tolerance, the foundation blocks of this great nation. The film emphasizes on the day-to-day goodness that every citizen and resident of the UAE experiences. It was a real honor to be a part of the film that exemplifies the great leader."

A team of talented and enthusiastic professionals played key roles behind the scenes of 'Estimrariya'. Renowned cinematographer Franco Paroni took on the role of director of photography, while Indian filmmaker Arun Shekhar contributed as the creative consultant during production. The grandfather’s voice was rendered by UAE’s own revered actor, Mansoor Al Feeli. The film’s music is composed by Jakes Bejoy; and the editing is done by Sarath Usha Sasidharan. The film also involved Sandhya Shekhar as executive producer, Yavar Eskandari on make-up; and Ihsan Al Shalabi as stylist.

Speaking about his intent with 'Estimrariya', Ullas R Koya, writer and director of film adds, "The purpose of this film is to provoke and inspire people to learn from the past and apply the great teachings of Sheikh Zayed in their daily lives. His message of peace, tolerance, and giving will always remain relevant in our pursuit to create a better world. I am thankful to Dr B R Shetty for being a part of our initiative."

'Estimrariya' is not the first time that Dr Shetty has been involved with a film. He has previously played the role of King Dharmaraja in the documentary ‘Saga of Benevolence’ and is producing the epic ‘Mahabharat’, the costliest Indian movie ever made.