Jeddah: Jamiyyatul Falah welcomes new president Muhammad Rafikh Moodbiri

Media Release

Jeddah, Jun 29: The 30th annual general body meeting of Jamiyyatul Falah here, was recently conducted after the Jumaa prayer at The Village Restaurant Azizia in the city where numerous members and guests witnessed the gathering.

The programme commenced with recitation of the holy Quran by Ahil Abid, followed by welcoming the dignitaries to the dais by the moderator Khaleel Ahmed Marnad.

Outgoing president Mohmmed Saheb Belvai welcomed the chief guest of the event Ayub Jinjani, (BBC Urdu correspondent Saudi Arabia and Middle East) and guest of honour Moulana Parvez Madani. He thanked them for accepting the invitation and making it convenient to grace the occasion. He thanked the event sponsor for his continuous and generous support to JF. Belvai also welcomed all the executive committee members, life members, sponsors and guests. The outgoing executive committee members were appreciated for their generous cooperation and support as well as their responsibilities efficiently and effectively carried out. He also hoped that the new committee will be progressive and dynamic. He underlined the dedicated and innumerable services rendered by their founder Muhammed Iqbal Yousuf in establishing the organization in 1987 which has now become one of the most prestigious NGOs in Karnataka.

General secretary Mohammad Ansar Shaikh presented the annual report, which highlighted the commitment of Jamiyyatul Falah toward the development of the poor and needy communities in the undivided coastal districts of Karnataka. He also briefed them on the activities and events conducted during the year 2017 – 2018 along with the upcoming projects. Treasurer Nazir Ahmed Karkala presented the financial report of JF Jeddah unit.

Chief guest of the event, Ayub Janjani (correspondent - BBC Urdu Services KSA) emphasized the importance of social welfare of the community and their responsibility toward the underprivileged section of the community. He apprised the audience of how Jamiyyatul Falah has served the community with their main intention to seek reward from almighty Allah. He encouraged JF to reach out to each deserving family by providing shelter, food, educational support, health care systems etc.

Moulana Parvez Madani supplicated verses from holy Quran and quoted numerous Hadith, emphasizing the importance of Zakaat and Fitra. He supplicated, “May almighty Allah strengthen each member of this tremendous organization and enable them to serve the community.”

S M Shafy, Ibrahim Bandady and Abdul Khader Kudroli conducted the election process of the present executive committee for the year 2018 - 2019, comprising of 31 new faces.

Muhammad Rafikh Moodbidri was elected unanimously as the new president of JF Jeddah Unit for the year 2018- 2019.

The following members were elected as the current office bearers:

Vice president 1: Mohammad Ansar Shaikh
Vice president 2: Mohammed Iqbal
General secretary: Kahleel Ahmed Marnad
Joint secretary: Syed Asif
Treasurer: Iqbal Kilpadi
Joint treasurer: Zahid Hussain
Event manager: B P Abid
Internal auditor: Mohammed Iqbal
NRCC representative #1: S M Jafar
NRCC representative #2: Mohammed Mansoor
NRCC representative #3: Mohammed Saheb Belvai
NRCC representative #4: Mazhar
Membership drive #1: Shaikh Saoud
Membership drive #2: Mohammed Mansoor
Membership drive #3: Mohammed Ashfaq Hussain
Media correspondence: Shaikh Saoud

The newly elected president thanked the outgoing president and his team for their successful term which achieved many developments within the NRCC units. He also requested all the elected members to offer support and cooperation to carry out the activities of JF for the noble cause.

To conclude the ceremony, Shaikh Saoud delivered the vote of thanks, after which lunch followed.