'Dangerous' rail over bridge at Vasai shut for traffic

Mumbai, Jul 8(TNN): The old Vasai rail over bridge connecting east and west has been shut down from mid-night. The bridge has been found to be dangerous for use.

The move comes following the collapse of the Andheri railway bridge on Tuesday that killed one. Two others injured are being treated in the hospital.

The Mumbai Metropolitan Regional Development Authority (MMRDA) two-lane bridge is around 35-years-old and is used by vehicles entering Vasai from the Mumbai-Ahmedabad national highway.

The new bridge constructed in June 2016 will be now used for both up and down vehicles. Portions of the pillars of the old bridge that runs above the railway track has developed cracks. Western Railway had demanded the closure of the bridge. The Manickpur police also asked for the closure of the bridge.

Barricades have been put on the bridge informing motorists about the bridge being in a bad shape. Alternatively, vehicles heading to the highway can use the Vasai West-Gass-Sopara west-Sopara east route to reach the highway.