Panaji: Nurses to get new recruitment policy

Panaji, Jul 9 (TOI): Health minister Vishwajit Rane on Sunday announced that the state government proposes to provide specialised training to some nurses by sending them to hospitals outside the state.

He also said that a new recruitment policy will be formulated so that nurses are not posted very far away from their residences.

Rane also spoke of changing the uniforms of nurses.

Speaking at a function organised by Trained Nurses Association of India, Goa Chapter, Rane said, “We want to select some nurses for specialised care and training. It may be to take care of children and others too. We are thinking of sending them to well-known hospitals outside the state for specialised training”. This training will be in the categories of paediatrics, ICU, MICU and others.

He said doctors are being sent abroad for training and now, the government can also consider sending nurses too. Otherwise, a tie-up is needed with some renowned institution so that the nurses, too, get internatinoal exposure, he added.

Rane said that with the training, they would be able to work not only in government hosptials here, but also in any part of the world.

“We need to keep them in the respective hospitals,” he added.

Stating that there are many requests for transfers, Rane said this needs to be stopped. “Every day, we get applications for transfers, sometimes 10 per day,” he said.

For this, he suggested that a new recruitment policy has to be put in place.