Udupi: A role model indeed - teacher doubles up as school bus driver to help children

Silvester D'Souza

Daijiworld Media Network - Udupi (MS)

Udupi, Jul 11: Retaining the government schools due to the shortage of students has become a herculean task of late. Few schools have shown improvement in the number of students due to the participation of the general public to convert the government schools look like private ones. However, a teacher is reciprocating to the regards and respect kept on him by the old students in a very different way.

Generally, teachers carry a lot of respect in the society. It is not only a noble but a prestigious profession also. Rajaram, physical education teacher of Barali Government Higher Primary School near Mandharthy is an exception to this rule. He keeps aside his ego and prestige and shoulders the responsibility of driving the school bus.

When the number of students reduced in this school, Rajaram used to confide in the old students of the school about coming up with some plan in order to increase their strength. Last year entrepreneur Vijunath Hegde donated a school bus to the school through the Sri Rama Seva Samiti. After the arrival of the bus, the number of students joining this school also increased considerably. The strength of students increased from 60 to 90. At this point, Rajaram stepped forward and opted to drive the school bus.

Rajaram, who is a physical education teacher in this school, is a resident of Hebri. He has never neglected his professionalism in his work. In addition, to physical education, he teaches maths and science subjects also. He starts his day at 6 am by giving sports training to students. At 9 am he takes the school bus and brings students from areas like Shiriyara, Kallubettu, Horalijeddu, Altharu, Kartibettu and Kajralli. He covers a distance of 5 kilometres from the school in order to bring the students on time.

This school was established 60 years ago. This institute, which was renowned for quality education, suffered a setback in recent years due to the shortage of students. During this lean phase of the school, old students came forward to revive the school. As there is bus transport in the school now, the school has got an appreciable number of students. The cost of the maintenance of the bus is borne by the old students of the school.

The selfless service of the physical education teacher of the school has become a point of discussion now in the district of Udupi. People are surprised to know that even in the 21st century such dedicated teachers still exist in the society. Teachers like Rajaram are the perfect example of the profession of teachers, which is considered as respectful and sacred.

Rajaram, who picks and drops children from and to their homes, dons the role of a responsible driver when he is driving the school bus. The moment he alights from the driver seat, he changes his gears and becomes a teacher who creates good sportspersons.