Kaup: Worrisome cavity on highway - depression gives rise to accident

Daijiworld Media Network - Kaup (SP)

Kaup, Jul 12: The circular-shaped depression which appeared in the middle of national highway at Muloor near Kaup on the evening of Tuesday has been covered on all sides with barricades to avoid accidents. Still, the depression appears to be gaining in size, and at present, the diameter of this spot where the road appears to have developed a cavity inside, has grown to around ten feet.

A local, Santosh Poojary, mentioned that the place where this phenomenon has been witnessed was occupied by a house and a well before it was developed into road. He apprehended that because of improper highway work, the road would have caved in at the spot, on account of heavy traffic, where the well stood in the past.

Navayuga Company, which had undertaken road development works, had been approached by the police immediately after the road in front of Muloor mosque developed depression. Although the company has since undertaken repair work, the spot appears to be inviting danger.

On Tuesday night, a truck that was moving on the road suddenly stopped after the driver saw that barricades had been erected on the middle of the road. Another truck which was following it, in spite of its driver's last minute effort to apply brakes, moved ahead and hit the stranded truck as well as barricades before coming to a stop. Both the trucks have been damaged.

A number of people were making a beeline to the spot where the depression has been noticed since Tuesday evening out of curiosity. When the accident happened too, a number of people had gathered there. Because of presence of mind of the second truck which stopped just short of causing major accident, a catastrophe was averted, although both the trucks suffered damage in this accident.