Udupi: Sujatha's family demands justice for her death

Daijiworld Media Network - Udupi (HB/MS)

Udupi, Aug 9: Lokesh Anchan, chief convener of Dalitha Sangarsha Samithi expressed his suspicion over the death case of Sujatha and her daughter Krithika, residents of Gerukatte, Mulky, who are believed to have committed suicide.

The incident took place on the morning of Thursday, August 2. It is said that Sujatha  first pushed her daughter Krithika into the well and later she jumped into the well to end her life.

Sudhakar, husband of the deceased Sujatha works at a bank in Karnad and Sujatha was a Anganwadi teacher.

Speaking at the press conference on Wednesday, August 8, at Udupi press club Lokesh said, "Sujatha got married to Sudhakar, a resident of Gerukatte 14 years ago. After eight year of marriage, she gave birth to Krithika.  Everything was fine in the beginning. However, later, her sister-in-laws started to harass her. The family dispute was settled by negotiation between the two families,"

"Prashant, Sujatha’s brother claims that she took the extreme step due to harassment from her three sister-in-laws.  According to Prashant, on the morning of Thursday, August 2, he received a call from Sudhakar’s house that Sujatha is ill. So he rushed to Sudhakar's home. When he reached there, he got to know that Sujatha had died and her body is taken to the hospital,"
"In the video footage of the police, both the bodies are floating in the well. But Sudhakar says that he has fed the child at around 8.30 am and left home at around 9.30 am.  If Sujatha has really committed suicide, how come her body will float on the surface of water within half an hour? They have found white foam on the mouth of child Krithika. If it was really a case of suicide, how the foam was formed around the mouth? Sudhakar’s family did not even bother about informing the incident to Sujatha’s family. No chit was found in Sujatha's bag. On August 3, her husband found a chit in the shelf. But the writing was not similar to Sujatha's hand writing and the signature did not match with that of Sujatha."

Prashant, brother of Sujatha and her relatives claimed that this is not a case of suicide but pre-planned murder by Sudhakar's family.

Lokesh and relatives urged the police to reveal the truth by conducting a fair investigation. They insisted that police must interrogate Sudhakar, husband of Sujatha and her sister-in-laws Chandrika, Jayalakshmi and Sugandhi. They also said that police must take stern action against them.

Suresh Yermal, uncle of deceased, Pradeepraj, Asha, sister of Sujatha, Gunakar K S, organising convener DSS were present.

An appeal in this regard is sent to G Parameshwar,  deputy chief minister, Lakshman Nimbargi, SP,  DySP Mangaluru and circle inspector of Mulky police station.