Mangaluru: Waste collection vehicles and workers face issue of parking, personal hygiene

Daijiworld Media Network - Mangaluru (MS)

Mangaluru, Aug 9: The general public holds their nose when waste collection vehicles pass by due to the foul smell that emanates from them. If these vehicles are parked in one area, then definitely there will be a protest and complaints from people living in the vicinity of the parked vehicles. Due to this issue, the waste collection vehicles in the city are not getting a permanent place to park their vehicles in the city.

As there is no clear-cut parking yard for these vehicles after they complete their day's work, even the employees associated with these vehicles are facing the issue of transportation to and from work and in maintaining their personal hygiene. Due to the continuous tug-of-war between the MCC and the Antony Waste Management Company, the latter is forced to park around ten vehicles each at different parts of the city.

MCC and contractor passing the buck on each other

In total there are 83 vehicles that are used in the collection and disposing off of waste in the city. As many as 823 labourers are employed for this work. Earlier, a yard near Kulur was provided for all the vehicles to park after completion of their day's work. However, this yard was closed due to the complaint raised by the locals with regards to the foul smell that was emitting from the vehicles. It is the joint responsibility of company and the MCC to find an alternative yard to park all the waste collection vehicles. However, both are just pushing their responsibility on each other saying that an area for parking is still being searched.

Ten vehicles each are being parked at several places including Suratkal, Pacchanady, Kavoor, Mallikatte, Mannagudde, Kankanady and Mangaladevi at present. Even security guards are deployed in certain places in order to guard these vehicles during the night.

Vehicle repair garage in Kulur

If the vehicles that are parked in various parts of the city face any mechanical issues, then they need to be brought to the garage at Kulur. The driver of the respective vehicle has to drop the vehicle at the garage at Kular for repair and has to return at his own expense to reach his residence, which results in inordinate delay in the concerned employee reaching his home.

What is the real issue?

Most among the 823 people working in the waste collection and disposal vehicles are women. A good number of them reside around Baikampady and Kulur. The work of collection of garbage starts at around 6 am in the morning. However, the workers are finding it difficult to reach their assigned vehicles on time. Neither the MCC nor the company is providing any transportation facility for these employees. Due to the same reason, workers residing in Suratkal are reaching Jeppu at around 7 am. If a yard is provided in either Pachanady or Surathkal, then the waste collection and disposal work can go on smoothly.

No toilet or changing room for workers

One of the employees says that they have been provided with uniforms. However, there is no changing room in order to wear the same. Most of the employees are females and they have to change their gear on roadside itself. In addition, there is no washroom facility for the workers. It is possible to wear the uniform while coming to work in the morning. However, it is not possible to go back home wearing the same as it stinks and causes inconvenience to other passengers on the bus.

MCC blames Antony Waste Management Company

"I am aware that the waste collection vehicles are parked at various places in the city. The employees of the company are facing problem due to this arrangement. The responsibility of finding the yard to park all the vehicles at one place is the responsibility of the contractor. The same has been brought to their notice," said Bhaskar K, mayor of MCC.