No access to code of conduct for 69% of Saudi state employees: Study

Jeddah, Aug 31 (Arab News): Sixty-nine percent of state employees do not have access to the code of conduct and ethics for public service, according to a survey by the National Anti-Corruption Commission (Nazaha).

A random sample of 4,723 employees was surveyed in eight government agencies in five regions: Riyadh, the Eastern Province, Makkah, Tabuk and Asir.

Sixty-three percent of those surveyed said their agencies do not have the code on their websites.

Of the 31% of employees who said they have read the code, 93% of them reported that it had a positive impact on their commitment.

The study recommended introducing the code’s principles and ethics in evaluation mechanisms for appointments, promotions, professional certificates and job performance.

It also urged government agencies to publish the code on their websites, train employees on its content, and respond to their enquiries regarding its provisions

The code’s aim is to develop a spirit of responsibility among public employees, promote and disseminate professional and ethical values and principles, strengthen citizens’ trust in government services and fight corruption, among other things.