Community welfare workshop held for Indian Social Forum volunteers

Media release

Dammam, Sep 9: Indian Social Forum Karnataka (ISF) State Eastern Province conducted community welfare activities workshop for the volunteers to deal with Indian community welfare cases in Saudi Arabia. The aim of the workshop was to brief Indian Social Welfare activities and train ISF volunteer to how effectively they can get involved in the welfare activities of fellow NRIs in Saudi Arabia. The workshop was held on September 7 at Rose Restaurant Auditorium Dammam.

Mohammad Firoz (Secretary Indian Social Forum Karnataka) speaking on the occasion, explained the volunteers on the methods and techniques dealing with community welfare activities and highlighted the importance of coordinating with Indian Embassy while addressing the NRI issues.

Naushad Katipalla, in-charge of the ISF Community Welfare team conducted the Q and A session for the audience. Being an authorized volunteer of the Indian Embassy, Naushad Katipalla has been assisting NRIs in several years in Saudi Arabia. He was effectively able to respond to the questions raised by attendees during the session and his way of handling the session was applauded by the guests and volunteers.

ISF State Committee SWC member Arif Jokatte briefed about the Indian Social Forum activities and hosted the event.

Indian Social Forum Volunteers Ibrahim Abdul Khader AlKhobar, Rafique Budoli AlHasa, Hasan Kinnigoli Jubail were felicitated for their excellent contribution to Indian Community welfare activities in the recent past.

Earlier Muhammad Salahuddin, general secretary of Indian Social Forum Karnataka welcomed the gathering and Mohammed Shareef, president of Indian Social Forum Karnataka appealed NRIs to join hands with Indian Social Forum to help the needy fellow Indians in Saudi Arabia.

Sajid Valavoor, general secretary of India Fraternity Forum, Tajamul Hussain Raichur Trust, Masada Nawin Bhandary, Mohammed Noumann, Sayyed Amir, Safeerul Haq Tamimi, Dr Abhijit (Rahwda Hospital), Bandenawaz Bijapur, Anwar Sadath Mangaluru, Ibrahim Vasat Mangaluru , Suhail Mysuru, Iftikar Bengaluru, Mohammed Ashraf Helpy, Atik Mysuru, Hamid Hussain and syed Saifulla were present on the occasion.