Puttur: Hunt for hidden treasure - Platform dedicated to Daiva demolished

Daijiworld Media Network - Puttur (SP)

Puttur, Sep 11: A platform dedicated to a spirit (Daiva) at Hosamaradda Patramadi in Haleneranki village within Ramakunja gram panchayat near Kadaba has been broken and the area where it stood has been dug by unknown miscreants presumably to hunt for hidden treasure under the earth there. The incident came to light on Monday September 10.

The platform which stands destroyed was dedicated to Patramadi Ullaklu Daiva, which has a history of about 400 years. It was seen that the spot was broken and dug many days back. Trenches were dug around the spot to look for treasure hidden inside the earth if any.

The sacrilegious act came to light when the owner of nearby land visited the spot on Monday to get the coconuts plucked from trees belonging to him. He was surprised to see that pits were dug. Locals, Ashok and Harish Acharya, confirmed that digging had been undertaken there. They filed complaint in the police station through Sanjeev Gowda Mulimajalu.

Kadaba police sub-inspector, Prakash Devadiga, along with staff visited the spot and undertook scrutiny. Two bottles filled with vermillion were found at the spot. Vermillion is usually associated with black magic.

It is said that this platform of Ullaklu Daiva was built during the period Jain kings were ruling here. It is stated that this platform has links with Chakravarthi Kodamanithaya Daivasthana at Haleneranki. However, since the last about 40 years, no procedures were conducted here to appease the Daivas. Shrubs and thick bushes have grown around this platform, and therefore no one usually visited this spot.

Locals have come to believe that golden treasure is hidden under this platform. A 'Naga Bana' is located about 500 metres from this spot. In the past, about 12 years ago, people had dug that spot as they believed that there was a huge golden treasure beneath this spot.

In the meanwhile, theists from the village came together during the police visit, and offered prayers to the spirit, seeking to ensure that those who demolished this platform get proper punishment within a year.