Bengaluru archbishop receives Papal vestment from Vatican representative

Bengaluru, Sep 13: Newly appointed archbishop of Bengaluru Peter Machado, was conferred with the ‘Pallium’, a woolen cloak, a stole, by the Pope’s delegate in India, Apostolic Nuncio Rev Giambatistta Diquattaro on behalf Pope Francis at a public function at St Francis Xavier’s cathedral on September 12 in the presence of the bishops of Karnataka and over 1000 Catholics.

The Pallium, a symbolic vestment is vested on archbishops across the world appointed by the Pope. It is symbolic of the yoke of pastoral and temporal care entrusted upon the archbishops and serves as a reminder of the archbishop’s unity with the Vatican’s head and also a reminder of the ‘shepherd-role’ the archbishop has to undertake in caring for the lost, lonely and suffering.

Archbishop Peter Machado who received the Pallium (a band of wool marked with crosses) symbolizes the cross of responsibility coupled with the sufferings of his people, entrusted upon his shoulders.

In his message to the gathering, archbishop Machado said, “The Pallium is a reminder to him that he must take upon his shoulders, the suffering and pain of people and also remain united with the Pope and the teachings of the Church while ensuring unity of people under the umbrella of the Church. In his appeal, he said, "Together we will shoulder this cross and promote the unity of people." He also said, “Our languages, cultures and communities are important but we must place with highest regard the teaching of the Church. Despite our different backgrounds, we can still be united if we have a genuine love for God and the Church.”

The services attended by over 100 priests across Bengaluru began at 6 pm and concluded at 7.45 pm followed by a brief felicitation of Rev Giambattita Diaquttro, the Vatican’s representative for India and Nepal, residing in New Delhi.

Former Archbishop (Emeritus) Rev Bernard Moras was also present.