Mangaluru: St Agnes Special School children display unique creations at 'Vibhinnatheya Sambrama'

Media Release

Mangaluru, Sep 13: St Agnes Special School (SASS), Bendore, organised a mega exhibition ‘Vibinnatheya Sambrama’ on September 12. The special children, with the help of their teachers, created some unique display of their creations - depicting their daily life activities, music, art and craft, nature, food habits, food nutrients etc which won the admiration of all who visited the exhibition. The exhibition clearly showed a new and fresh perspective that even special children can beat normal human beings in creativity and uniqueness.

The inaugural ceremony began with an invocation by the special kids followed by welcome address by Sr Shruthi, principal of St Agnes Special School. The programme was compered by Philomena D'Mello, a teacher of SASS. The chief guest for the occasion Fr Vincent Monteiro, the parish priest of St Sebastian's Church, Bendore, after cutting the ribbon, addressed the gathering and said, "This is a very good initiative taken by these special children in bringing out their creative talents and showing them to others. St Agnes Special School, being the first school to start an institution for special children in Dakshina Kannada, has given a boost to many others to start such schools for differently-abled children. It is nice to see that these children, although they are differently-abled have unleashed their talents and creativity with the help of their dedicated teachers and support from their parents in arranging this project on diversity. Well done. May God bless these special children, their teachers and parents.” As a mark of appreciation and gratitude, two students of SASS offered a flower plant to chief guest Fr Vincent as a continuation of the school's effort to diversity and green the Mother Earth.

The chief guest Fr Vincent along with Sr Maria Anitha, the joint secretary of SASS, Irene Pinto, president of PTA and the others went round to see the various exhibits and enjoyed the unique creations of these special children which led to many ‘wows’. A big crowd of parents, teachers and students of nearby schools and the well wishers of the school visited the exhibition and all who visited, at the end, had a word of appreciation to the management, dedicated staff and students of St Agnes Special School and a sense of awe at the creative talents of these special children.

The event was indeed a unique ‘Vibhinnatheya Sambrama’ by the special kids, bringing awareness about diversity.

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