Bengaluru: Vijay Mallya likely to be handed over to India on December 10

Daijiworld Media Network - Bengaluru (SP)

Bengaluru, Sep 14: The Westminster Court at London is expected to deliver its verdict on the petition filed by India seeking deportation of industrialist, Vijay Mallya, who had fled to London after cheating banks to the tune of about Rs 9,000 crore. Judge of the court, who heard arguments and counter arguments presented by advocates from both the sides on Wednesday September 12, posted the case to December 10 for the passing of order.


With this, the efforts made by investigation agencies in the country which were trying to force Mallya to face legal action here by bringing him back from England, have reached another phase. During the hearing, the agencies have given detailed information about the way Mallya took the banks in India for a raid before fleeing. At the concluding stage, the judge remarked that prima facie there appears to be sufficient evidence on record against the accused. This remark gave an indication that concern being expressed about the prison conditions in India by Mallya's advocate to stop his extradition might not adversely influence the extradition order.

The investigation agencies therefore are confident of getting a favourable order from the court. The Indian agencies argued that Mallya had raised loans from different banks, without disclosing the fact that his Kingfisher Airlines was running in loss. Advocate for Mallya said that there was pressure on Central Bureau of Investigation to level charges against his client and that the agency chief, Rakesh Asthana, had threatened the heads of banks to register cases against Mallya failing which they would face dire straits.

Now it has to be seen whether details of proposal Mallya claims he has placed before Karnataka High Court for clearance of dues would be considered favourably, and whether they are acceptable to the banks.