Dubai: Noted speaker Muhammad Salman Anjum to highlight importance of blockchain technology on Oct 1

Media Release

Dubai, Oct 1: KEL here, on Saturday October 13 at 7.00 pm will present a unique platform and opportunity to its members to listen to an eminent speaker and a subject matter expert as he delivers an informative talk highlighting the importance and impact of blockchain technology on our lives in the future.

The talk which will will comprise of networking, presentation, Q&amp and a dinner thereafter will be held at The India Club, Dubai.

Registration will be at the venue subject to prior confirmation.

Confirmation is to be registered online.

The event subscription is free for all current and aspiring KEL members.

Blockchain may completely revolutionize how we run our world in the future. Because in a world that is filled with digital dangers, nothing is more important than safety. The introduction of cryptocurrencies, specifically Bitcoin, has brought the concept of blockchain technology into the mainstream. Blockchain is a continuously growing, distributed database that protects against tampering and revision of data. Though the Bitcoin did not completely disrupt the world market, the technology behind it has the potential to do so.

Currently, blockchain is also being used to solve other problems, not just cryptocurrencies. While Nasdaq OMX is testing the technology for stock trading, the e-retail giant Overstock has released its digital bonds using blockchain. The blockchain is not just limited to the financial system; instead, it is a great solution for almost any platform or product that requires trust - from a simple keyless automobile entry authentication to tamperproof electronic voting machines and several others. In short, the idea behind blockchain is to be able to establish and verify trust without the need of a centralized system. Blockchain technology offers a lot of potentially disruptive power and companies are already in the race for different product offerings. As the industry continues to evolve, blockchain stands out as the best investment for future returns.

About the speaker

Muhammad Salman Anjum, who calls himself a ‘blockpreneur’ is also a well-known speaker, corporate trainer, strategist, author, PWC faculty and a moderator. As a technology futurist, Salman advises corporates, ICO’s senior managers on Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Strategy. He regularly delivers programmes at global forums focusing on applications of recent technology trends like Blockchain, Big Data & Internet of Things (IoT).

He is a results-driven performance and organizational efficiency professional with over 16 years of hybrid experience in corporate & entrepreneurial roles aligning People, Performance and Profits.

An efficacious author and public speaker, Salman has been featured as a success story in 'Soul Beats@UAE' the book published by department of Economic Development of Dubai.

He is a specialist trainer on Blockchain & Advance Technologies for the world’s second largest audit and consultancy firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). His interventions are full of valuable insights and information that the audience can put to use in their personal or professional lives right away. He creates a contemporary presentation with fresh, visual slides to invigorate the material and communicate it more effectively.

Salman lives, plays and works in UAE and on stages around the world committed to empowering the human potential.