Oman: Spandana Muscat delights audience with grand musical 'Haadu Santhoshakke'

Media Release

Oman, Oct 10: Spandana Muscat recently organised another grand musical event 'Haadu Santhoshakke' (Sing for Joy) at the Ruby Ballroom, Hotel Crystal Suites, Wadi Kabir, Muscat.

Spandana Muscat headed by Koni Prakash Naik has been organizing these musical events from 2011 and this event was its seventh successful event. Spandana Muscat has not only been organizing musical events, but also involved into various socio-cultural and charity activities over the past several years.

Living up to its moto 'together we can make a difference' Spandana Muscat has no doubt brought changes in the lives of 30-35 talented upcoming singers and musicians, especially from coastal Karnataka, by fecilitating them on an international platform to showcase their talent. For many of these artistes it was a first-time and a sort of 'dream come true' experience and with international exposure many of these artistes have now become playback singers of which Spandana is very proud of.

In addition, with a view to promote and showcase the talents of local singers/musicians Spandana has been striving hard for the past several years and has encouraged them to perform in various such shows. The event held recently was one such event wherein around 15-20 singing stars, dancers and musicians showcased their hidden talents.

The convenor, Koni Prakash Naik, triggered off the show with his welcome speech by paying Spandana’s gratitude to the ruler of Oman for his magnanimity in granting permission to conduct such cultural activities. While extending a warm welcome to the august gathering, Naik thanked all the sponsors and friends for their continued support, encouragement and guidance. Five ladies, Padmavathi, Divya Shetty, Dr Seema Ranjan, Neeta Vijay Salian and Kavita Raj Sanil, joined hands in lighting the traditional lamp as a mark of invocational prayer seeking the blessings of Lord Ganesha for the smooth running and success of the programme.

Immediately, thereafter, the event started with a track song 'Santhoshakke Haadu Santhoshakke' followed by Spandana’s title song 'Jote Kaleda Aa Dinagalu Ananda Tandide…Spandana Spandana Janumada Anubhandana' especially, to remember and retrieve the memories of golden days spent with friends and continue singing for joy. The
lyrics for the song were penned by Koni Prakash Naik and the music was composed by Sharath Kumar. Rhea Sharath Kumar presented this song in her melodious voice that made music lovers spell bound for quite sometime.

Live band comprising of Sharath Kumar on electric guitar, Sathish on keyboard, Jamone on rhythm pad and Rajesh on flute presented mind blowing fusion music based on ragas such as Hansadwani, Hindola and Madhyamavati for nearly half an hour which literally mesmerized the audience.

Singing stars Anuradha Chandresh, Rhea Sharat, Kishan Udyavar, Anupama and Ananya Prasad (mother and daughter), Chaitra Kotian, Deepak and his son Rahul, Rhea Vijay, Prakash Naik, Laxmi Venkatesh, Sandeep and his wife Kanchan, Vijay Salian and Raj Salian regaled the audience by presenting a list of filmy songs in Kannada and Hindi in their unique versatility capturing the mood of the music lovers for nearly three hours.

Sudhiksha Shenoy and Mithil Ravi Kanchan, the wonder kids, presented some spectacular dance performaces on mixed tracks which literally stole the hearts of everyone with their amazing electrifying performance.

The event would not have been a success without the generous support of the esteemed sponsors, namely Bank Muscat (G V Ramakrishna), Multi-tech (Divakar Shetty), Oman Hygiene (Nagesh Shetty), Badr Al Samah Group of Hospitals (Dr Ranjan Babu), Special Technical Services (Ganesh Shetty), Khimjee Ramdas (M Chengappa), Super Max (Vijay Salian), OIG Group (Shashidhar), Lulu Hypermarket (Ananth A V), Al Khaif Trading (Raj Sanil), Worldwide Business House (Dr Anchan C K). Spandana Muscat deeply appreciate the willingness with which sponsors have been and are continuing their support for its efforts.

Mementos were presented to all the sponsors in appreciation of their kind support in the culmination of the musical evening. The man of the show/master of ceremony, Walter Mendonca, conducted the whole event so meticulously with his witty sense of humor undoubtedly being the darling of the show.

The event concluded with a medley of popular Hindi songs and the second session of the instrumental fusion music. All in all it was a memorable event.

Spandana Team thanks wholeheartedly one and all and garners encouragement and support from all. Music is the universal language of the heart and the world is indeed a small, cute, cozy place if we reach out to each other through music. So, let us know each other through music.