Bengaluru: Overcome by sense of revenge, man submerges 30-month-old baby in drum

Daijiworld Media Network - Bengaluru (SP)

Bengaluru, Oct 10: A car driver from here, who was angry with a man having illicit relationship with his wife, killed that man's 30-month-old nephew by drowning the baby in drum filled with water to settle scores. This disgusting incident happened in Bheemanna Garden, Akkithimmanahalli near Ashok Nagar here.

The baby which lost its life because of the act of vengeance was Shyamavelu, son of Abhirami and Kumarasan from Bheemanna Garden. The accused, identified as Armugam, stands arrested by police personnel of Ashok Nagar station.

Shyamavelu, who was playing in front of his house a few days back, had suddenly disappeared. The police, during the course of investigation, took Armugam, a neighbour, into custody and questioned him out of suspicion. During the questioning Armugam confessed to the crime, said deputy commissioner of police, D Devaraj.



Armugam, a car driver by profession, lives in Bheemanna Garden with wife and two children. In a house opposite to his, a lady, Abhirami, lived with two children, brother Manipal and mother. Both the families are from Tamil Nadu but living here since many years. Manipal, who is a vendor of fruits, had become close to Armugam's wife, and in course of time, illicit relationship had developed between the two.

After coming to know this development, Armugam had fought with the wife and asked the family of Manipal to advise him properly. However, the relationship continued even thereafter. As repeated quarrels happened in the house on the issue, Armugam's wife had deserted her husband and gone back to her parental home in Tamil Nadu with her two children. This infuriated Armugam further. He was raring to take revenge against the lover of his wife. He was also angry at the family of Manipal for failing to restrain him even after complaining.

On September 30, Armugam picked up Shyamavelu who was playing on the road opposite his house, went into to his house, and put him into a drum full of water. At 1 pm he approached the car owner for whom he worked, borrowed his motor bike, carried the mortal remains of the baby packed in gunny bag  on the bike, and threw it into the main canal near Bilekahalli.

The family searched for the baby and after detailed search, filed missing complaint. Armugam joined the family and acted like searching for the baby. It is said that Armugam wanted to inflict deep pain on Manipal's family by killing the child who was deeply loved by all the family members.

Deputy commissioner of police, D Devaraj, said that the accused has confessed to the crime and the police have put together evidences to prove his guilt including footage of CCTVs installed along the road.