Bengaluru: On astrologer's advice, BMTC driver delays bus by one hour to avoid 'Rahu Kala'

Daijiworld Media Network - Bengaluru (MS)

Bengaluru, Oct 10: We have heard of politicians seeking the advice of astrologers to know the right or good time to take the oath as ministers or to present the budget or to expand the cabinet of ministers. However, in a strange and bizarre incident that occurred in the city a Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) bus driver refused to take the bus out on time saying it is 'Rahu Kala' and also sarcastically answered his superiors that he has saved the lives of 15 people because of his decision that was taken based on the advice given by an astrologer.

BMTC has served notice to this driver for causing delay to the general public and incurring a loss for the organization. Yogesh Gowda, the driver cum conductor of the bus number 45J/1, that plies between Majestic and Channammanakere route under BMTC unit 33 at Poornaprajna Layout, is the driver who has saved the lives of 15 people, according to him!

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Yogesh Gowda, who is an ardent believer in astrology, had to start his bus at 6.15 am on September 1. However, Yogesh Gowda started the bus at 7.35 am, a good one hour and 20 minutes later than the scheduled departure time. The commuters got irked because of this and the corporation also faced losses due to this decision by the driver.

Harish Kumar, manager of the BMTC unit under which Yogesh Gowda works, served him a notice asking him to explain the reason for his action. The answer given by Yogesh Gowda to this notice will drive anyone crazy. Replying to the notice served by Harish Kumar, the manager of BMTC unit 33, Yogesh Gowda, the erring driver said, "I had met a renowned astrologer on August 31. He told me not to take the bus out on the early morning of September 1 as it is 'Rahu Kala' during that time. The astrologer also said that 15 people will die due to accident If I take the bus out during 'Rahu Kala'. That is why I have taken the bus out at 7.35 am instead of the scheduled 6.15am. I did not have any intention of causing loss to the corporation or inconvenience to the public."

Yogesh Gowda has defended his action by saying, "In the main office and other unit offices of BMTC Pooja, Homa and Havana is done on the occasions of Kanaka Jayanti, Basava Jayanti, Ganeshotsava etc. If the management believes in doing these rituals, I also believe strongly in astrology." In addition, Yogesh has appealed his manager to close the issue at this level itself!

The officers of the corporation are in no mood to accept the bizarre explanation given by driver Yogesh. It is learnt that the officers have decided to levy a fine on Yogesh for his unscientific behaviour.

It is also said that it is the nature of Yogesh Gowda to ask a series of counter questions to his higher officials. He has asked some questions to his officials like What is the scientific method that you have followed to decide that the corporation will get a definite amount of income? When there is a scarcity of passenger how we can bring income? When most of the passengers are bus pass holders, how can I bring more income? Hindu passengers travel less on Tuesday, Friday and on the days of Amavasya in my route. Then how can I make a fixed collection on those days etc.

On the whole, Yogesh Gowda has become an enigma in himself to his higher authorities.