Sullia: Family bids adieu to Jodupala flood-victim deceased Manjula’s image

Daijiworld Media Network – Sullia (SP)

Sullia, Oct 11: Jodupala village, which turned literally into a grave due to floods and landslides recently, witnessed a unique custom being performed on Wednesday October 10. In this case, funeral and other rites connected with Manjula (15), whose mortal remains have been untraceable since the natural calamity decimated the village, were performed.

Manjula was buried alive by slushy mud which accompanied the floods on that fateful day. Her parents made relentless efforts during the last 56 days to find her body out but their efforts went down the drain. Grief- stricken parents therefore made an image of her and tried to provide liberation to her soul by performing funeral.

The funeral was performed by the parents of Manjula, Kudiyara Somayya and Jayanthi, at the spot where she lost her life. Teachers and students of Mademaheshwara School of which Manjula was a student were present along with the villagers of Bettur. After following rituals, the image of Manjula was given a burial.

The image of Manjula was created by shaping areca nut sheets. A silk sari was draped around the image. The vanity bag she very much liked, and the medal she won in the throw ball tournament were placed on the image. The marriage of the image, which was elaborately bedecked, was performed as per customs.

Manjula from Bettattoor was a SSLC student of Mademaheshwara high school. Because of lack of proper transportation between Bettattoor and Madenadu, she used to stay in the residence of her relative, Basappa at Jodupala. Manjula was a noted throw ball player who participated in several events.

Basappa's house was covered by water in a deluge which hit Kodagu unexpectedly on August 16. Basappa, his wife, Gowramma, their daughter, Monisha and Manjula were washed away along with their house. The other three bodies were found later, but Manjula's body has remained untraced so far.

There was none in the people that assembled, who did not shed tears for Manjula, whose life was nipped in the bud by the fate.