Doha: ‘Nightingale of Goa’ Lorna, DJ Ryan Nogar to perform at Orbital Nite

Media Release

Doha, Nov 1: Lorna, known as the ‘Nightingale of Goa’ is all set to perform on November 23 at Giwana Ballroom, Radisson Blu Doha from 7 pm onwards during the Orbital Nite Doha 2018 (Dine & Dance) organised by Orbit Events and Marketing.

Added attraction will be DJ Ryan Nogar, a winner of All India DJ Master Mixer. As one of the most popular and versatile DJ in Goa and abroad, Ryan Nogar is the best at what he does, which is providing sheer entertainment.

At such a young age, this maestro has the experience that is commendable and astounding. Hailing from the state of beautiful beaches, music and parties, DJ Ryan Nogar offers people the best. His capability to play all genres of music such as club, hip-hop, RnB, house, tech, progressive, also retro is a strong attribute and is well recognised.

Lorna is a winner of lifetime achievement award for her contribution to music and Krutadnyata Puraskar at Goa Marathi Film Festival.

In a country with a rich heritage of music, aspiring singers are a dime a dozen. Most of them eventually realise that they are not cut out to make it a profession, while some of them excel after honing their skills through years of practice. But a few special ones, among them, realise that they are born to sing and go on to become legends. Lorna Cordeiro was one such legend who went on to reach dizzying heights in her career.

The glorious heydays of Jazz music in India were in the 60s and 70s. Old timers often reminisce about the most prominent exponents of this art — the magical duo of Lorna Cordeiro and Chris Perry. Venice, a night club in Hotel Astoria of Bombay, was the stage for Lorna to unleash her sizzling talent along with Chris Perry who led the band with his mesmerizing saxophonic skills. They were an instant hit.
Apart from being a mesmerizing singer, she was an electrifying performer who had several signature moves in her repertoire. She would begin her gig by stretching her arms out wide towards the crowd, tilt her head, in her inimitable style, and exclaim ‘I am Lorna’.

She was the pulse of the audience and her creative on-stage chemistry with Chris was the talk of the town. Together, they made people come in droves to watch them perform.

Lorna's biggest hit songs were Bebdo, Red Rose, Pisso, Calangute, Adeus, Lisboa, and many others. Her ardent fans bestowed many monikers on her, the most notable ones being 'Bessie Smith' of India and the moniker that everyone identifies with her — Goa's Nightingale.

This inspiring journey of Lorna Cordeiro has been immortalised on celluloid by two motion pictures, a Konkani film titled Nachom-ia Kumpasar, which is a fictional account inspired by her life and a Bollywood film called Bombay Velvet, whose female lead character Rosie Noronha is inspired by Lorna Cordeiro's real life persona.

Lorna Cordeiro continues to enthral audience world over by performing at sold out shows in the Middle-East, USA, UK, France, Portugal, Canada, Africa, New Zealand and also Geneva in the near future. Her music traverses not just boundaries but generations, too. Second and third generation kids who grew up listening to their parents play her songs, pack concert venues. Her fans world over continue to be teleported back to the magical days of the 60s when she stretches her arms wide out to them, tilts her head to the side and says, ‘I am Lorna’!

Good music is essential for the success of any musical event and so is a good music director. Norman Cardozo has worked hard with determination and perseverance and won him the enviable tag of music director. He has trotted across the globe on professional assignments from the Gulf States to Europe and far across the Pacific to Canada, USA, Africa, New Zealand and also Geneva in the near future taking music to the world. He is featured in Guinness record in the event ‘a-la-Maradona’.

Goa’s top legend of hosts, Updesh Swar will be master of ceremony at the event. Updesh has a unique hold over the audience; his eloquent, witty compeering is second to none. Travelled to all over India, Europe, Middle East and in particular Qatar, to host Annual May Queen Ball for the last 16 years.
Orbital Nite will be the most colourful social gathering promises to be fun filled event, an evening with Lorna (Nightingale of Goa) and DJ Ryan Nogar, say organisers. To pre-book and for more details, contact 55550491. Ticket prices are Qrs 150 for adult and Qrs 100 for child between 5-10 years. Radisson Blu is the official hotel and Gulf Times and Daijiworld are media partners.