Mandya: K S Bhagawan sparks row with remark on Lord Ram and Mandir

Daijiworld Media Network – Mandya (EP)

Mandya, Nov 7: Sparking a row, Kannada author and rationalist K S Bhagavan who came to Adichunchanagiri here on Wednesday, November 7, made a controversial statement about Lord Ram and objected to construction of Ram Mandir.

He said that if Hindu religion should survive, the word Shudra should be removed from 'Manusmrathi'. “Shudra does not only means slaves, but it also means that they are ‘children of prostitutes’. Do we need such indecent word? Does it bring respect to us? Do you agree to it?” he asked.

“I have studied Valmiki Ramayana for the last two years and I wrote a book 'Rama Mandira Eke Beda', (Why we do not want Ram Mandir). If we read the book, we will know that Lord Ram was against ordinary people. He became the representative of 'Chaturvarna’ and got himself identified for its salvation. He is neither human nor God. Ram is not mentioned as God anywhere in Valmiki Ramayana. Those priests who found it suitable have made Ram and Krishna as Gods.

“There are 95% Shudras in this country. Do we agree if they are called slaves and children of prostitutes? It is mentioned in 415th shloka of 8th chapter of Manusmrathi. I am saying this because people should know it. I will say this even if I am shot. It does not matter if what I say is controversial,” he said.