Vijayapura: Honour killing of lady - accused found, arrested

Daijiworld Media Network - Vijayapura (SP)

Vijayapura, Nov 9: Police personnel of Nidagundi station in the district succeeded in arresting three persons, who have been accused of executing honour killing of Renuka at Yalagur in Nidagundi taluk on Thursday November 8. They have been remanded to judicial custody.

The arrested persons happen to be Marevva (45), mother of Renuka, Renuka's brother, Mallikarjun (26) and maternal uncle, Ramesh (22) who also happens to be the husband of the youngest daughter of Marevva.

After slitting the throat of Renuka subsequent to spending a few days in Renuka's company at the her home on Tuesday, the accused had left Yalagur and were hiding in a farm belonging to relatives at Shirawara in Manvi taluk, Raichur district.

Marevva, mother of seven children, is yet to find a suitable match for her two sons. Two years back, one of her sons was to meet a girl from another family but the girl's family withdrew at the last minute after coming to know that Renuka had eloped with a boy from another caste. Marevva reportedly told the police that thereafter no girls were prepared to marry her two sons, which made her to decide that Renuka was not her daughter, and it would be in the interests of everyone to kill her. She also said she forced her son-in-law, who was reluctant to be a party to the murder, by emotionally blackmailing him.