Mangaluru: BJP protests against Tipu Jayanti, blames govt for dividing society

Pics: Spoorthi Ullal

Daijiworld Media Network - Mangaluru (SB)

Mangaluru, Nov 9: The BJP On Friday protested in front of DC's office against the state government for its decision to celebrate Tipu Jayanti.

Brijesh Chowta, general secretary, BJP district committee inaugurated the protest.

Chowta addressing the protesters, said, "Kumaraswamy government has decided to continue celebrating Tipu Jayanti which was started by Siddaramaiah government to woo a particular community. But that community itself has clarified that Tipu is not a true Muslim and they told government not to give importance to him,”

“Without considering these facts, Kumaraswamy has once again proclaimed Tipu as saint. We don't understand why the government is celebrating his Jayanthi which is not acceptable for the people of state." he added.

"By declaring to celebrate Tipu Jayanti, state government is indirectly giving a message that it is with the communal people, murderers and those who divide the society. BJP condemns the government's move and despite it being a government programme, we are not supporting Tipu Jayanti. Our MLAs have already sent letters to the government. They have stated that they will not be participating in this particular event. We cannot accept Tipu, who is a communal leader, non- believer and autocratic ruler," he said.

In his speech Robert Rosario, member of Kraistara Rashtriya Okkuta said, "Tipu was a murderer and he never tolerated people from religions like Christians and Hindus. He killed more than sixty thousand Christians and destroyed several churches in South Canara. Hindus saved some churches during his rule. He tried to build his own empire. Forcefully he converted thousands of Christians to Islam. By celebrating his Jayanti, Kumaraswamy government is doing a big mistake. As continuation of this, tomorrow someone will come with a demand of Kasab Jayanthi or Veerappan Jayanthi. Some naxal minded communists will back them. So it is our demand to the government to withdraw Tipu Jayanti immediately."

Leaders Santhosh Kumar Boliyar, Sanjay Rao, and others were present during the protest.