Bellevision Bahrain celebrates 8th annual day in grandeur

News: Rashmi Fernandes

Pics: Ronald Fernandes

Bahrain, Dec 3: Bellevision Bahrain celebrated its 8th annual day, one of the most anxiously awaited occasions, on November 29, encapsulating a plethora of activities and a gamut of emotions at Papillon Restaurant Hall. 

The event unfolded with a prayer dance ‘Aasmaa pe nazar aaye’ invoking the blessings of the Almighty with an eye-catching tranquil dance, setting up an atmosphere of homeliness and togetherness by Rachel and Jennifer. 

The smart and entertaining anchor Ronald Pinto welcomed the gathering. 

In his presidential address, Ivan Sequeira extended a warm welcome to all the dignitaries present and expressed his gratitude to all for their support throughout. He appreciated the willingness of the committee as well as the members to face and solve whatever issues come their way. This followed by cutting of the cake by the Executive Committee.

Marita Aranha, general secretary, presented the annual report, highlighting the landmarks of the previous year. 

The vote of thanks was proposed by Pramila D’souza, assistant general secretary. 

The evening witnessed a spectacular collection of diverse, entertaining and thought-provoking stage performances by the members of Bellevision Bahrain which magnetized the audience. 

The dance by the tiny tot’s Alec, Annora, Alan, Ethan, Evan, Iral, Reeva and Simone, evoked admiration and joy among all, as they swayed their bodies to the rhythm of music, beautifully choreographed by Ms. Riyanna D'souza. 

Dazzling and fascinating dances with exuberance and unmatched zeal, presented by Delisha, Ries and Reeve received a huge applause. 

The elegant and magnificent performances by Alisha, Erina and Nikita mesmerised the audiences and no doubt was a visual treat for all. 

The audience cheered to the mellifluous song by Preetham Aranha. 

The audience were in peals of laughter to see the humorous skit ‘Aadarsh Jodi’, well enacted by Arun Fernandes, Ivan D’souza and Pramila D’souza. 

Spot games, couple games as well as raffle draw were conducted and the winners walked away with attractive prizes. Raffle prizes were sponsored by our generous members. 

Registration counter was well handled by Alfreeda and Judith. Delicious cake sponsored by Naveen was enjoyed by all. Sponsors were handed over souvenir as a token of love and appreciation. 

The entire event was amicably co-ordinated and managed by comperes Ronald Pinto and Adline D’silva. Wonderful DJ was played by Alwyn and the precious moments were photographed by Ronald Fernandes.

The celebration concluded with a delicious dinner buffet.

Anticipation and hard work reflected when BV Bahrain celebrated their annual day. The celebration was a grand success which was undoubtedly the fruit of unflinching, strenuous work and dedication of the members.