Bengaluru: Relief for women - Disposable urination device for women 'Pee Cone' launched

From Our Special Correspondent
Daijiworld Media Network

Bengaluru, Dec 5: 'Pee Cone', a hygienic and portable as well as disposable standing up urination device, to help women reluctant to use toilets in public places and commercial establishments on account of its filthy and unhygienic seats has been launched in the city.

Pradeep Dwivedi, CEO of Pradeep Ad India Pvt Ltd, unveiled the disposable urination device with the brand name 'Pee Cone' in the Karnataka market at the Bengaluru Press Club on Wednesday.Deepak Tyagi, Head of Sales India, PAIPL, was also present at the soft launch function.

Pradeep Dwivedi explained that the device, Pee Cone, is very useful for women and can be used anywhere. It is very handy and disposable pack can easily fit in a woman’s purse and can be used everywhere - in train, workplaces, restaurants, malls, public toilets and even tourist spots – where women feel hesitant and uncomfortable while using toilets for fear of the filth and even presence of germs.

He pointed out that women often face discomfort if they do not relieve themselves due to hesitation of unhygienic toilets as they may cause various infections, including Urinary Tract Infection and other medical problems, which could even be fatal.

"Our company has recognized this common problem of women and introduced Pee Cone which is a researched and hygienic female standing urination portable and disposable device for the Indian market. With Pee Cone, female can now use public toilets very easily and say goodbye to unhygienic toilet seats,’’ he explained.