Dammam: Glorious 'MASA' celebrated 12 years of service to humanity

Report: Sunil Puthran, Viraj Shetty and Puttaraju

Dammam, Dec 31: Mangalore Association of Saudi Arabia (MASA) the prominent charitable organization celebrated its 12th anniversary ‘HARUSHA’ (Happiness) in a spectacular style on Friday, December 21.

The enthusiastic crowd gathered at Crystal Hall, Dammam to witness yet again another mega event of MASA, the 12th Annual Day, ’HARUSHA’. The ceremony kicked off by welcoming the distinguished guests and members by the entertainment committee head Dayanand Chowta and the events lined up for the evening were highlighted and briefed.

Executive and advisory committee members were welcomed on to the dais by Viraj Kumar Shetty. President Sadashiv Poojary along with the Advisory and executive committee members lit the ceremonial lamp.

The annual report was presented by General Secretary Mohammed Nooman. Achievements of MASA, various events conducted throughout the year, membership strength, charity details were read and the main highlights of the report was announcement of great gesture from Joey Fernandes declaring scholarship awards to 20 students under the name of his late parents Gerald and Theresa Fernandes for the students who are need of financial aids, consecutively for the 5th year.

Addressing the gathering, president Sadashiv Poojary expressed his sincere thanks to members for rendering dedicated services to MASA and also to sponsors for their generous support to the association. He thanked the committee for meticulous planning and its implementation in conducting various events successfully under the guidance of Advisory Committee and dedicated teams of EXCOM, Assessment, Sports, Media and Entertainment Committees. He emphasized on the commitment of MASA in fulfilling its main objectives, serving for the noble cause and at the same time focusing on encouraging the talents among MASA members, teens and adults. The president concluded by wishing all members and guests a pleasant and relaxed evening.

As its tradition, MASA honoured deserving members with various awards for their achievements during the year 2018 as below:

Distinguished Service Award recipients were Yashraj Bajal, Sohan Shetty, Rajesh Shetty, Rekha Rajesh Shetty, Sharief Karkala and Rajesh Anchan.

Special Achievement Awards recipients were Hema Shetty, Megan D'souza, Joyston Castellino, Poorvi Shetty, Shalom Fernandes & Rishon Fernandes.

Appreciation Awards recipients were Mansour Ali Al Binali, Abdulrahman Al Hammadi, Maleh Hazza Al Subaie, Ganesh R Shetty, Abdul Khalek Qasim Al Habib, Sadeq Abdullah Al Abbas and Manju Manikuttan.

Recognition of couples married for over 25 years: Sujatha Anil Shetty and Anil Shetty.

Awards were presented to winners of Internal Cricket tournaments, Sports Day champions, Special events and Drawing competition.

Raffle Committee Head Puttaraju and team of young children were recognized with special gifts for their excellent marketing of raffle tickets.

It was then time for the most awaited moment of the evening to declare the prestigious award, MASA Man of the Year 2018. There was curiosity among the audience to know who the Man of the Year was. A thunderous applause could be heard across the auditorium when the name of Praveen Peter Aranha was declared as MASA Man of the Year. While introducing the MASA Man of the Year, Advisory committee member, Ravi Karkera explained about the dedication and commitment of Praveen Peter Aranha to MASA, terming him as “a silent worker, gem of MASA. Achieving perfection in whatever he does is his key mantra. He is precise and studious in his approach. He has passion to work for noble causes, and inspired many with his diligence and commitment towards his duties”. A standing ovation was given by the entire audience as a mark of respect and appreciation on earning this prestigious honour.

Praveen Peter Aranha thanked MASA committee and all members for this honour and during his short address said that he feels proud to work for a prototypical association like MASA which takes care of all communities.

The award ceremony was conducted by Ravi Karkera, Mohammed Nooman and Naveen Bhandary, while the cultural events were elegantly anchored by youngsters of MASA; Deeksha Bhandary, Prateek Poojary and Divya Karkera.

An awesome evening witnessed exciting and rocking cultural programs presented by the talented prize-winning MASA members. Spectacular show one after the other mesmerized the audience, artists created magic on the stage with remarkable performances.

Induction ceremony of new committee for the year 2019 and 2020 was held after the dinner break. Ravi Karkera conducted the ceremony in a professional way. The installing officer declared the names of new committee members led by Naveen Bhandary as President. The new committee members took oath; all members present welcomed the new committee with a round of applause and admitted to support the new committee.

New committee for 2019-2020 installed as below:

Executive Committee: President: Naveen Bhandary, Vice-president: Sathish Kumar Bajal, General Secretary: Gopalkrishna Shetty, Treasurer: Prakash Shetty, Joint Secretary / Entertainment Committee Head: Viraj Kumar Shetty, Ameer Husain Joint Secretary / Sports Committee Head, Joint treasurer: Praveen Peter Aranha, Joint Treasurer / Purchase & Food Committee Head: Usman Hosangadi, Executive Members: Dayanand Chowta, Naveen Shetty, Puttaraju Halappa (Assessment Committee Head), Saleem Puttur, Sunil Puthran (Media Committee Head), Ganesh Karkera and Niranjan Karkera.

Advisory Committee: Madhav Amin, Ravi Karkera, Dayanand Shriyan, Ahmed Gulam Beary, Narendra Shetty & Sadashiv Poojary.

Assessment Committee: Puttaraju Halappa (Head), Saleem Puttur (Deputy), Naveen Bhandary, Sathish Kumar Bajal, Gopalkrishna Shetty, Dayanand Chowta, Viraj Kumar Shetty, Usman Hosangadi, Praveen Peter Aranha and Advisory Committee members.

Media committee: Sunil Puthran (Head), Ameer Husain (Deputy), Viraj Kumar Shetty and Saleem Puttur.

Internal Auditors: Shakib Ahmed and Amith Shetty.

Purchasing & Food committee: Usman Hosangadi (Head), Mohideen Sheikh (Deputy) and Abdul Khader Baikampadi.

Embassy Affairs Co-ordinators: Sharief Karkala, Sathish Bajal and Narendra Shetty.

Sports Committee: Ameer Hussain (Head), Naveen Shetty (Deputy), Rajesh Shetty Khobar, Sachin Hegde, Vijay Naveen, Sandeep Shetty, Rajesh Anchan, Harish Poojary, Suresh M Jayanth, Roopesh Suvarna, Rajesh Thingalaya, Raghavendra Bhat, Abdul Rahim Arkula, Arun D' Souza, Amith Shetty, Ashraf Noushad Polya and Abdul Khader Baikampadi.

Entertainment Committee: Viraj Kumar Shetty (Head), Mohammed Nooman (Deputy), Nayaz Kaiser, Yashraj Bajal, Chittaranjan Shetty, Sandeep Bajal, Mohideen Sheikh, Bhaskar Kanchan, Ajith Kumar, Naveen Kumar Salian, Pradeep Kadekar, Uday Kumar Sanil, Victor Sequiera, Sudarshan Sanil, Vishwanath Suvarna, Roshan Kotian and Sohan Shetty.

Exciting raffle draw was conducted by Mohammed Nooman, Victor Nobby Sequeira and Puttaraju Halappa. Members and guests were happy to take home attractive prizes.


Snacks, tea coffee, juice and delicious dinner were served during the course of the programme.

Sponsors for the event were Sadashiv Poojary of Intermodal Services of SA, Joey Fernandes, Artland Transport Company, Ganesh R Shetty of M. A. Al Mutlaq Sons Co., Yogeesh Poojary of Puli Restaurant, Madhav Amin of M M Amin & Co, Dayanand Shriyan, Prabhakar Shetty, Royal Zaika Resturant (Mohammed Sharif, Sherif Karkala, Sathish Bajal), Ravi Karkera, Ramesh Mendon, Sudarshan Sanil, Najeeb M. Al Hajri Transportation Est, Sunil Puthran, Ameer Husain, Naveen Bhandary, Ganesh Karkera , Sheikh Moideen & Group, Khobar Friends, Rajesh Shetty, Arun D'souza, Narendra, Gopal Shetty & Group, Naveen Shetty, Usman Hosangadi, Kiran Upadhyaya & Dammam Cricket Association.

Joint secretary Sathish Bajal rendered the vote of thanks. The event concluded with the Indian National Anthem. The splendid evening ‘HARUSHA’ ended with memorable note and indeed it was a thrilling, exciting and rejoicing evening for MASA members and guests.