Dubai: Don’t Kannadigas belong to Karnataka – Prabhakar Ambalathere

Rons Bantwal

Daijiworld Media Network – Dubai (EP)

Dubai, Jan 2: “It is the duty and responsibility of Karnataka state government to help find the way to livelihood for non resident Kannadigas who are returning to their hometowns after losing their jobs or for other reasons,” said well known pro Kannada social activist and chief secretary of Karnataka non resident Indian committee, Karnataka NRI forum, UAE.

Speaking to news reporters in Dubai, he said that it is unjust not to have appointed vice president of state NRI forum and neglected non residents by the state government even after being in power for the last ten months. “Other states in south India have already made suitable arrangements. As private airlines which were flying to Mangaluru have stopped their services, Air India is charging exorbitant rates. None of the MPs are speaking about it. If the situation continues, non resident Indians will have to hold protests. If a person who returns home indulges in something untoward without finding livelihood, the state government will have to shoulder the responsibility,” he warned.

He requested all non resident Kannadigas in the Gulf to react against the injustice.