Karwar: Heavy medical expenses - man kills daughter suffering from heart ailment

Daijiworld Media Network - Karwar (SP)

Karwar, Jan 11: It is said that a man, who was finding it impossible to meet the medical expenses of his daughter, poisoned her to death. His daughter was suffering from certain heart ailments.

The man, who is 44, is from Ummalchagi village in Uttara Kannada district. He reportedly poisoned his daughter to death.

The accused, Nagaraj Poojary, is said to have provided food mixed with insecticide to his 11-year-old daughter, Nayana. After Nayana began to vomit uncontrollably, he went away. Police personnel of Yellapur station, who have registered case against Nagaraj, have taken possession of the insecticide used for the murder. They are hunting for Nagaraj, who has gone missing.

It is said that Nayana, on Wednesday, had asked her father to bring back her estranged mother. Nagaraj, who was already facing financial crisis because of treatment expenses, got angry at this demand, it is said. His wife stays with one of his three daughters.

Nayana, who has been suffering from heart problems since she was born, underwent heart transplant three years back, but this did not help her health condition to improve. Nagaraj was finding it hard to repay loans raised for his daughter's treatment and surgery. On this issue, he had fight with his wife many a time, after which he turned alcoholic and his wife deserted him.