Byndoor: Earthquake-like experience creates scare - tremors felt

Silvester D'Souza

Daijiworld Media Network - Byndoor (SP)

Byndoor, Jan 12: The people in the coastal belt of Karnataka are worried over the prospects of impending earthquake after people living in and around Ganganadu here experienced light tremors.

Tremors were experienced in the afternoon of Friday January 11. As the people felt like the earth under their feet was moving, utensils lined up for serving midday meal to the children at Ganganadu school shook and made a sound of clinging..

Some others felt that the tremors would have been caused by blasts at the laterite or stone quarries in the region. Truth will come out only after a proper investigation.

People living in villages like Maddodi, Saranki, Kullanki, Atyadi, Goliberu, Kyarthur etc said that they felt tremors for about ten seconds. Some said they saw the lock of Atyadi school shaking. The wall of a house in Goliberu developed a small crack. Dishes in some houses fell down from the platforms inside their kitchens, at which the residents developed cold feet and rushed out.

Byndoor tahsildar, Kiran Gourayya, said that he visited villages where tremors were felt. He said that the tremors were very feeble in nature and lasted five to ten seconds as per information. He said he is yet to get official confirmation about cracks having appeared in walls. He asserted that there is no need to become panicky.